Ideas needed for xmas tree ornament

I love putting my moms hand made decorations on the tree. Brings back special memories.

I thought I would like to knit something for the kids to have down the road too. They are getting close to middle aged. How does that happen!

Getting sentimental watching so many xmas movies.

Any pictures of yours or ideas?

I have this on my list to make:

Scroll down for the English instructions.

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I love that Mary Anne!

Okay…I’ve made these -


This is my mini stocking and I’ve made a ton of them.

Made up myself, but there are patterns.


I remember your wee stocking! Adorable.
Too tricky for me. Never worked with two circs.

The wee bag by Jeanine Harris seems the perfect
Gift to give my sisters too. I am the only one
Who knits so they will know it was from me.
The toothpicks and bead ends…how clever.
But, when I went to the site on Ravelry there was
No pattern to find. :thinking::thinking:

You can do the stocking with magic loop, too. Pretty much the same thing really as you have two sides.

I didn’t notice that the pattern wasn’t there. I don’t remember anymore if I had a magazine or if I winged it. It wouldn’t be hard. You just knit a little bag either flat and seamed or in the round, add a handle…I think I made an icord. Then I made a few little hanks of yarn, made a tiny “scarf” with the picks and stuck in the bag. I think the picks were actually not toothpicks…I can’t remember what they were or where I found them, but toothpicks would work.

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That bag is too cute, perfect gift from or to a knitter. It reminded me of this one. No pattern just an idea.

Oh aren’t they too cute! I may get brave to see if I could do that.