Ideas Needed for Beginning Knitting Class

Hi!! I need your help…
During lunch at work, I’ve been teaching a beginning knitting class. They are doing great and have run through the three projects I’d planned - a small purse, a purl scarf and a pair of slippers. Currently they are trying out stitches while making 6"x9" rectangles for the project I run.

[SIZE=“3”][COLOR=“Magenta”]So here is where you come in - I need ideas for their next project :think: [/COLOR][/SIZE]Some thoughts have been a ribbing hat and scarf (but, hopefully, spring is around the corner here) or a poncho…but I don’t know a good pattern that lets them learn new stitches.

Ideas would be appreciated!!! Thanks, Deborah

What about a lacy hat? Good for spring.


My Grandmother teaches a beginning knitting class and she has them make “The Thing”. It essentially ends up as a scarf, but it contains sections of every kind of stitch you would encounter in knitting, including increases and decreases and possibly even cables. It’s just a pattern she sat down and made up.

Sounds like a good idea - know any good free patterns??

Is the great American Afghan a specific pattern?
Not sure they are ready for an afghan yet but it could be an idea for later. Thanks!

We are basically doing that now with the 6"x9" rectangles. A scarf sounds like a fun idea! Thanks!

How about a dishcloth? And I don’t mean just any garter stitch dishcloth, but one that lets you experiment with different stitch patterns. Tons of free patterns on the Internet, everyone can choose their own favorite. My personal favorite is the “your state” cloth, very handy for gifts when visiting relatives.

You can buy one skein of cheap 100% cotton for them, so the cost is minimal. The time investment isn’t huge, and you have something useful that won’t suffer badly from gauge issues.

Now, if you have those who have no use for dishcloths, how about burpcloths or bibs? It is easier than pie to knit a strap for the dishcloth, add a button, and voila, baby bib (buttonhole can be optional, depending on how loose your gauge is. Or go wild and sew in a snap set. Easy way out is a cute diaper pin.) Burpcloths tend to be a little bigger squares to cover the shoulder. (I’ve made several “Babyfeet” bibs—it’s such a cute pattern!)

And if those ideas don’t float their boat, they can make 9 “squares” (dishcloths) for a baby blanket or lapghan, out of wool or acrylic or quiviut rather than cotton. It would be a good collaborative project, and very illustrative of gauge differences.

Hope this helps! Wish I’d known about dishcloths when I was starting out.


For dishcloths, there’s 5 pages of patterns at Dishcloth Patterns

Thanks for the dishcloth idea and patterns.

I’m looking for an idea that is past the “learning the stitches” in a block idea - we are doing that by making 6"x9" rectangles.
This is part of why I’ve been having troubles with where to take them next.

Thanks for your ideas!!!

Why not ask them what they want to make next? If they’ve all practiced several different stitches, increasing & decreasing, maybe it’s time to turn the lessons into more of a general knitting session. You can offer each one individual help with choosing the item/pattern they want to do next, help them getting the proper yarn & needles, henp each individually if they stumble in any of the directions.

Where in Maryland are you? I’m in Baltimore Co.

[COLOR=“Purple”]I tried that - and they can’t seem to make up their minds or deal with the idea that they can work on different projects. :wink: Still feeling too new to knitting, I think

I’m in Upper Marlboro - but the project I run has people all over Maryland[/COLOR]

How about a “sampler shrug”? I saw this on an episode of Knitty Gritty. Basically, you just knit a large rectangle that is the length of your armspan. In this rectangle, you can go from one stitch pattern to another until you reach the right length. After you cast off, you fold the short side of the rectangle in half and sew along the long side to make arms (leaving an opening for the head/body). Does that make any sense? I am sure that the instructions on the Knitty Gritty website are much clearer…I think the episode is titled “Sampler Shrug”…hope that helps.

Ravelry id: lilchem

Found the pattern. Nice idea as they would have it for Spring.

Oooo i grew up in MD, Balto Co (east). I miss it!
Lace hat from knitty

Thanks for the pattern - I’ll be showing it to the class!!

Having lived in Maryland most of my life I can see why you would miss it :slight_smile: