Ideas for scratchy wool?

Okay, guys, time for you to learn about a little something called Trademe. This is the NZ version of ebay. I have bought far too much secondhand wool off the site. I now have a bag of stuff I’d hardly call wool, all different balls, some like straw or twine. All cream/beige colours. Some looks like long thick strands made from cotton wool. Very strange stuff.

Also, a box of normal chunky/bulky wool, cream, but quite scratchy (very old wool intended for a jumper). This stuff will be what I use for getting totally fluent with Continental or Combined, whichever I end up preferring, also knitting back and forth. I’ve cast on a few stitches and intend to keep going for a while. Not exactly what I’d call a scarf, because I don’t see anyone liking to wear this around their neck, even after washing I think this will be horrible. About 14 balls plus the front of a jumper.

Any ideas on what I could make with either of these wools? So far I’m thinking of a blanket, placemats/coasters, or a doormat. Or something felted, which I thought I’d never do, but may as well. A Kitty Pi or three for the RSPCA (hmmm maybe not in cream.)? A carpet bag like Eunny’s? As for the mismatched stuff, I don’t have a clue. It may be unuseable.

Any ideas appreciated. Thanks

BTW I got a ball winder the other day (actually it was off Trademe, why do you ask?) and I love it, using it is so much fun, I’m so glad I took up knitting just for the ball winding. And I HATE HANKS.


All your ideas sound good to me…

So far my experience with scratchy wool is that it turns out to be great for felting.

Here’s an idea…use the mixed matched wool for felting. If the wool shrinks it may not matter much about guage.

Odd wool makes great rugs.

Oven mitts? Felted of course…

a test square. Throw it in a hot wash with jeans =D f.e.l.t.i.t. =D

A felted bag? How about knitting & felting some kind of receptable to keep your knitting projects in? Can you dye it? Then your options are unlimited.