Ideas for dinner please

My husband hurt his back and so I have been going non-stop for the last few weeks. Have not done much grocery shopping so we have been eating off what’s in the house. His parents are coming up this weekend to help us get a few projects done that cannot wait any longer and I am at a loss for what to feed them for dinner. I need to grocery shop and just have no inspiration. Normally I love grovery shopping and cooking etc, but I am so worn out that right now I really don’t have the desire to knit.

Please give me ideas of your favorite meals keeping in mind it is hot and humid in VA.

Grilled boneless skinless marinated chicken breast
grill veggies (I use summer squash, zuchini and peppers) that are also marinated in italian dsg
salad (buy bagged salad and some tomatoes & onions)

ice cream for dessert

NO POTS & PANS, just the marinade bowls

I’m making this for dinner tonight. The marinade is very easy and instead of serving the rice hot I made a rice salad using the mango and pine nuts. I also used boneless breasts and marinaded them over night. We were going to have them last night but it rained and I really wanted to grill them.

Good luck and I hope that your DH gets well soon.

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With all the flooding here temps in the 90’s and the humidity is sooo high, I’ve been feeding my family hoagies. Slaw, chips or tater salad on the side. This way they can build their own, all I have to do is open the packages and cut up the veggies.

i like to make “antipasto” salad on hot days - cook a bit of short-shaped pasta or tortellini, toss with cherry tomatoes, olives, artichoke hearts, slices of deli meats and/or cheeses, whatever you can imagine up - top with bottled salad dressing - easy and yummy!

You may find some ideas in this thread. You can do a recipe search on this forum or you could also go on or I hope this helps.

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This may seem like a lot, but it is so good, I keep telling everyone to try this: Cranberry Herb Turkey Burgers.

we make this when we’re feeling lazy and hosting guests. but honestly, it tastes awesome, we get compliments from everyone on it, and it couldn’t be easier!

Italian Beef crock pot style

1 beef roast 3-4lbs (we buy what’s on sale. the butcher can help suggest a cut)
4 envelopes of italian dressing mix (you can buy a box of 4 sometimes)
1 can beef broth
french rolls
gardinara (peppers)

throw the roast in the crock pot, add 1 can of broth and 4 packets of seasoning. add water until liquid comes up half of the roast.
set on low and let it cook for 8 hours. (we set ours up before we leave for work)
when it’s all done, the meat will shred apart (i use tongs to do this).
i eat mine on a bun dipped in the broth and a lot of peppers. mmmm…so tastey!

serve it with fries, chips, coleslaw, or potato salad. reheats well, and is so tastey!


This is my favorite easy dinner. Ready in 5 minutes, delish and not that bad nutritionally.

1 bag of Uncle Bens Chicken Rice in the 90 second pouch
1 package of Tyson/Louis Rich or whatever brand of precooked precut chicken breast in any flavor
1 tray Green Giant Broccoli in cheese sauce

Nuke the rice for 90 seconds
Nuke the broccoli tray for 3 minutes
Nuke the chicken for 1 minute
Mix well and serve.

Need Dessert?
5 minute Faking it Chocolate Mousse

1 SUGAR FREE/FAT FREE jello instant chocolate pudding
1 tub coolwhip extra creamy (frozen)
1.5 cups milk

Mix milk and pudding until all lumps are gone.
Fold in spoonfulls of coolwhip blending as you go until its all folded in.

The coolwhip, being frozen helps the pudding set faster. It will blend to a very light fluffy consistancy.

My husband like this quick meal.

uncooked pasta (any kind will do, but I find rotini holds the cheese sauce the best)
smoked kielbasa
frozen vegetables (the winter mix like brocolli, carrots, cauliflower)
make sure it is a little thawed out
campbells or green giant cheese sauce

Cook the pasta until done & drain.
Cut up the kielbasa in to 1/4 size pieces. Put into the pot with the pasta. Throw in the vegetables. Add the cheese sauce, mix well and turn on the heat low to medium. This will be about 8-10 minutes of heat. You want the kielbasa & veggies to at least be heated.
Serve with a dinner roll and enjoy!

Thank you for all the wonderful ideas ! I did a search on and found a recipe for a grilled rootbeer bbq chicken that was a big hit. Should have been a dry rub with mopping sauce, but I made it as an overnight marinade. Did the hoagies for lunch then found a nice piece of Sockeye Salmon at Sam’s Club that I threw on the grill with veggies last night. Bagged salad is somewhat of a staple in my house so that was there too. I unlazied myself and made a lime chiffon cake for dessert that turned out wonderful.

The Italian Roast sounds incredible !! I am not a huge red meat fan, but my hubby is and gets rather sick of all the chicken and fish I make so I’ll have to keep that one. Of course, that also means I have to buy a crockpot…

We always make a super easy alfredo! Just make some pasta, cook some shrimp, and drench it all in store bought alfredo sauce. If not, try

Thanks for showing the grilled chicken recipe great Idea we loved it