Idea for a swap

Ok, I have an idea for a swap. I will admit that I got the idea while reading another blog, but I still think that it would be fun to try here if anyone is interested.

Its no secret that I love sock yarn, but I often experience the dreaded “second sock syndrome”. I thought it might be fun to do the swap this way:

-everyone buys sock yarn and finds a complimentary pattern. You then knit one sock and send the rest of the yarn and the pattern (and anything else you may want to include) and send the whole shebang out to your partner.

That way, no one experiences second sock syndrome and we all get to swap more stuffs.

Any thoughts/ideas??

And, as an extra bonus, I will even volunteer to co-facilitate the swap (or if need be, do it myself).

What say you all?


I think it’s a really really neat idea, especially as one suffering from second sock syndrome - only hesitation is because it would be two different people each making one sock of a pair, that the gauge would be slightly different, the style would come out slightly different, or whatever - ya know?

I did think about that, but figured that I could add into the emails a question asking people to describe their guage (ie, tight, bang on, or loose) and then could pair people up acc’d to guage. If it didn’t turn out the way that you like, I suppose you could frog one sock.

Orrr, the person who is sending the "second sock: to be finished can just include their exact gauge, and the person receiving the second sock can adjust thier needles accordingly.

This could also be for knitted items that need a matching pair. Like wristwarmers, gloves, ect.

Neat idea!

That’s a great idea!! Thanks for the suggestion!!

Iam a sock nut, so I would be interested :slight_smile: We could also pick a generic pattern like a ribbed one that will allow for guage variance and still fit nicely:)

Oh, this is a good idea too. This way, everyone could be included. And, more people could be included. I am getting more and more in love with this idea.

I know that there are a number of cute pattern ideas out there that involve knitting 2 things… wrist warmers, fingerless mittens/gloves, regular mittens/gloves, legwarmers.

I think that I may just post this one after we move (which is officially over as of the 31st of August). Maybe mid August would give everyone enough time to think about whether or not they wanted to participate and give me enough time to get my gear in order and also finish the project that I am designing.

Thanks for the suggestion!

well I was a bit skeptical of this idea initially because I was certain that I would never be able to do something like this. BUT if enough time was given to complete the first half of the project it could probably be done.

NOW something I was thinking about that could be fun would be to not tell the recipient what they are getting. Like I am knitting a mitten and they have no idea if they are getting a mitten, sock, wrist warmer, etc. Might want to make sure the person is geographically situated for mittens or whatever but otherwise them not knowing could be part of the fun. :thinking:

I don’t know about that - socks are one thing, but I’m so not into things like wrist warmers and I am very much not into knitting mittens. I love mittens, just not making them, so receiving a mitten in the mail and then having to make the second one, I don’t think I’d like that. Ya know?

I need to do more sock knitting, so I think it is a great idea!

If I were to participate, I would like to choose what I am sending/receiving. I havent worn leg warmers since 1982 and I dont plan to again any time soon. :roflhard:

I love the idea for socks! I actually just saw this on another site…hmmm was it grumperina’s blog? Anyways. I love the idea. (I am not sure about mittens, wristwarmers etc…but socks I would love!)

Exactly! :smiley:

Yeah, I saw it on Grumperina’s blog too, it was the Sockapalooza swap. I think in that one, they did a pair of socks though, and it was an on-going thing. I’m not sure if once/month but it was more than just a one time deal.

I think it might work better if we asked everyone ahead of time what they wanted to knit. Personally, I would only like to knit socks. I don’t dig mittens or leg warmers.

I am starting to get excited. As soon as I am all moved in, I will get it started. I am on holidays August 20-25, so I think that I will call for sign ups then.


:cheering: Sounds like fun! And I will be done with the never ending pile of afghan squares by then!

I like this idea too but have a couple of concerns/questions…

Who keeps the pair of socks, the person knitting the second sock or would we mail back to the first person and also, if the second person keeps the socks, could the keeper of the socks specify a size they’d like so that the socks can be work by the keeper or given to someone as a gift?

Sounds like a fun swap LadyIndica!

I’d say, everyone should be prepared for the two socks to be somewhat different (hopefully not much so, but I think some noticable variation is very likely, despite efforts to look the same).

And if there are any folks who don’t want to work in the common fingering weight sock yarn, they may want to let it be known ahead of time so they can pair up with others of the same preference (for instance both working in worsted weight yarn).

I think this is a neat idea, especially for those who dread the second sock, and those who are fairly easy-going about their knitting. Have fun! :happydance:

Tips for getting your sock to look the same as your partner’s original sock:

–use the same gauge, as Hildie says. You’ll want to do a gauge swatch in the round, for socks, not back and forth using both knit and purl stitches. Sorry no video yet on the time-saving way to do this, maybe I can get one up by mid Aug.
–Be aware that some knitters are particular about the stripes in self-patterning sock yarn coinciding fairly closely in the matching socks, and others may not give it a second thought. Talk to your partner about this, if working with self-striping yarn.
–Also, if you pull the yarn from inside of the ball, and your partner pulls it from outside of the ball, the stripes on self-striping yarn will reverse, so be communicative about that too, if you desire the stripes to line-up. :wink:

I love socks! I’d be interested in this one! :slight_smile: