Idea for a cheap knitting tool kit

I saw this on Ravelry and thought it was a great idea for the knitting bag. Amazing how much you can fit in an Altoid tin.

That is a really good idea. I don’t like Altoids, so I’ll give them away and keep the tin.:rofl:

Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

I actully got a Whitmans chocolate sampler tin box its about inches wide and about 10 inches long. very cute and only a dollar at the 99 cents store. Chocolates werent bad either

I really like the idea of using something small for carrying the small knitting essentials… and the price is right! LOL!:teehee:
It’s a great idea, especially when you are on the go to have them all in one place instead of rattling around in your knitting bag. And the tin looks and probably works much better than a sandwich bag!:thumbsup:
To Knit or not to Knit, that is the question…
OTN: pullover sweater[/COLOR]

I have small and large Altoid tins that I’ve been using for years. ONe has coilless safety pins and stitch markers, the other has the Options tighteners and yarn needles. I don’t like having them as crowded as these pictured are, but they work great.

I’ve never seen anyone else using them though. :thumbsup:

I rarely throw out the altoids tins - they hold bobby pins, hair clips , small knitting items, Barbie shoes, all manner of important little items. They just seem to useful to toss. I do like the idea of the foldup scissors so that they will fit in the tin.

So, Jan prefers segregation :think:

… for her knitting notions.

Anyone else find that unexpected for a Californian? :slight_smile:


I use that exact tin. I also save all my scrap yarns to use as markers

I like being able to see what gadget I’ve got where, though, so I use a clear bag that is usually used for a slightly more permanent travel solution for taking through airport security…it’s got a zip, but works anyway. I like being able to see the location of everything before even opening the bag.

I saw this on Ravelry too. I found it amazing how many knitters use them. And what a GREAT idea they are too. I am going to get me some. I don’t like the Altoid either but my kids might.

Great idea! I am also a rubber stamper and about a year ago I purchased a bunch of tins (for a prooject) that have a clear window cutout in the cover …these would be perfect - I could still see what’s in what tin! Thanks!