icord with a core

how do you knit an icord around a core I need to do one around a wooden skewer

Since they are hollow I think I’d make the iCord and insert the skewer after the fact. It would be the easiest way.

What are you making that needs a skewer?

I’m with Jan. What are you making? Curious minds want to know! (And where you’d get the third hand to hold the skewer while the other two hold the knitting. I could use one of those!)

If you want to do it with the skewer in place, you’d want to make sure you’re trapping the skewer between the work and the yarn that goes across whenever you slide the stitches back to start knitting from the beginning of the row again. That yarn gets pulled tight from the last stitch to the first stitch and is what makes the cord a round tunnel.

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I-Cord earbuds tutorial
She’s covering earbuds wire but I guess you could do the same thing with a skewer.

I did something very similar when I knitted the dragon a couple months ago. I found it easier to knit the I-cord around the pipe cleaner rather than try to thread it through with a needle afterwards. I cast on the stitches, held the pipe cleaner against them and knitted the cord. I did have to lift the yarn over the top so it stayed behind the pipe cleaner. But after I was done knitting, it was perfectly positioned inside the I-cord.

I have a pattern to do it with a crochet hook where the icord is made with crocheting from the inside out. The backside of the crochet forms the outer surface. It is my favorite way to work up a purse handle and then I use gross grain ribbon inside which does not stretch. I find I like this better than lining a purse handle/strap. There is no problem with keeping the ribbon inside as you crochet as it is not like an icord in knitting, you are always going forward.

The cord comes out with subtle spiral ridges. It is sturdier than icord so can be substituted for an icord where durability is important. I have not found how to apply it while working, I’ve always sewn it on when needed.

Most of the tutorials on YouTube for this technique are not in English. But this one is good. I also use crochet cotton which is shiny and two threads Article 3 with a steel crochet hook which is a smaller size, whatever you are comfortable with.

This technique is able to be beaded, no, I have not gotten that adventurous with it. But it really does make extraordinary handles. I used one time the Ombre Peaches and Crème in browns (just one thread as it is thicker) and it came out looking like snake skin – rather cool.