Icky Acrylic--How to dye?

In my freecycled stash I have 5 skeins of acrylic in a nasty green that I can only ever see myself knitting if someone wants a blanket that looks like radioactive grass.

I have a couple of options in mind, the first being knitting a blanket that looks like radioactive grass that can be used as a sitting on blanket when sitting on grass.

I’ve been thinking about dyeing in, or bleaching it for a more textured colour.
Has anyone done this? Does it work OK with acrylic or will I end up with a big mess of uneven snot?

Dyeing Acrylic Yarn
Looks like this process is a lot more complicated than just soaking wool in koolaid, because the basic dye that needs to be used can be harmful if not handled correctly.

If you don’t like the color and don’t want to go to the touble of dyeing it, you could knit for charity. I’m sure people who are cold don’t care what color hat they wear.


Yeah - I’m not into enough to go through all that!

I do need a seater type blanket for camping so I think I may just go with that idea, maybe mix in another colour for luck.

I didn’t think of using this one for charity - I just thought it was so awful even the dog’s home would send it back :teehee:
Seriously though - I’m knitting wrist warmers and hats for a local homeless shelter for next winter, but Its not just a horrible colour, its a cheap nasty yarn too and I don’t think I’d be very good at making it into anything other that a straight item.

Most of the other freecyled Yarn I have is really nice though. There’s just so much of it I don’t know where to put it :teehee:

I’m going to change your topic title in case anyone else wants to know how to dye acrylic.

YOu could always try ebay, too… SOMEone might take it :teehee:

radioactive grass

:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: I got some of that in my freecycle stash, too! I couldn’t stand the feel of it either so it’s gone to the Goodwill.

Scout troops like unwanted yarn too!!!

We don’t have a scout troup close to where I live, but I’m intrigued! What do they do with yarn?

Last week we made friendship bracelets

we glue the yarn to cards in swirly’s

we are going to dig through my stash for grey yarn to attach to our swap
hats for encampment because we are the “great hurricane of 17something” THE worst hurricane ever and sunk the French Fleet and prolonged the Revolutionary war. I just got the info and am HORRID in history…so that’s why the sketchy details.

Hang mobile parts

that was just in the last week alone!!! :slight_smile:

Sometimes the more obnoxious the colors the girls love it better!!!