Icelandic wool

I have just knitted a jumper in the round using 2ply unspun icelandic wool. Its come out well but the wool is very scratchy. can anyone suggest an alternative yarn that would feel softer on the skin?

There are so many different yarns and everyone has a different level of tolerance to wool so it’s kind of hard to come up with one. We also don’t know what weight you’re looking for. I can’t wear any wool (so far),but here’s a few that many people find softer.


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Going to a yarn store and feeling the yarns against your neck is a good way to get an idea how soft they are, too.

thanks; when you say you don’t know the weight I’m looking for, are you referring to the thickness of the yarn? if I chose a yarn that is similar in thickness does that mean that the tension will be the same?

don’t know how to provide the pattern link but it comes from a book called LOPI 28produced by Istex Icelandic textiles. (have just found theri email, so will try to contact them directly myself; )many thanks again

Generally yes, a substitute would be the same thickness (which is known as weight), and the gauge should come out the same. Yarns can have a little different knitability factor, so you may need a different needle size to get the same gauge. You can go to, and put in the yarn, then on the right side of the yarn info you can click to ‘find yarn with the same gauge’ and it would bring up a list of substitutes.

thank you; that’s really helpful!