I worked on it all day!

i know i didnt knit this… i crocheted it but i worked all day on it (9am to 9pm) as a valentines day gift for my boyfriend which im sending to him tommorow… and since you ladies gave me the idea i though you would like to see it before i sent it so here it is…my boyfriend’s very own…drum roll… WEENIE WARMER! lmao lol what you cant see is the draw string on the inside so he can tie it on… lol im very proud of it lol hehehehe

LOL !!!

Very nice Nicoley!!! I love the pom pom at the end…hehehehe

I need to make one of these for mike soon, he’s also got a funny hat collection, so I need to get on that as well…LOL.

[size=7] YOU ROCK!!![/size]

that is awesome!!!

good thing you didn’t make it blue :twisted:

Good job Nicoley!!

Are you going to tell him that we all know what it looks like now?

Here’s something you can knit for yourself to match:

Surprise Link

LOL!!! I love it. Think he’ll actually wear it?

lol the pom pom is my fav. part lol :smiley:

lmao lol he wouldnt have used blue it would have clashed with his um… pom poms? lol hehe

he knows i like to share my project pictures … thats why he wont take a pic of him modeling it… or it will go around the whole web lol
nice link but i dont wear Bikinis…to much roaming fat that can escape in that lol

he will wear it… atleast once… if he ever wants to get laid again lol hehe lol

OMG! :lol:
HA! :lol:
2funny. :lol: :lol:
So… … What size is that? :roll:

Just kidding, don’t answer that. :wink:

Really, never in a million years would I have thought that one up, nor would DH wear it…

Thanks for the chuckle! :lol:

Ha ha ha ha ha

exactly! What size IS that ? I think I’d nickname this
The Big Guy Warmer.


[size=6][/size]Awesome!! [size=3][/size]Hmmmm, think I just might make one for my dear BF!!! Teeheehee

lol the things you learn about your family… i showed the weenie warmer to my mom and it turns out im not the first woman in the family to make one… IM NOT EVEN THE SECOND! lol… turns out my aunt AND my grandma both made weenie warmers lmao lol… THE INSANITY IS GENITIC! lol grandma knitted hers… and my aunt crocheted hers …lol to funny :lol:


I need a fast weenie warmer pattern PLEASE. And help making it smaller for a practical joke. I’m going to make one for my housemate, but I want to make it waaaaaaay too small, so when he opens it in front of ALL OF HIS GUY FRIENDS they make fun of him. hehe.

Help me find it, I beg you please.