I won!

New Hampshire Public Television puts on an auction every spring, to raise money for the station.

This year, I scored TWO gift certificates to two different yarn stores!

The best one: The Elegant Ewe. Check out that yarn list! It’s all I can do to stem the drooling. :drooling:

Congrats! You 'll have to post what you choose and make the rest of us drool some more too!

That is awesome! :cheering:

Wow, that’s wonderful!! :cheering:

How on earth will you choose… :shock:

:cheering: :cheering: grats!!! thats gonna be a tough choice =D

Oh wyyyyyyyyyynnie…you know you looooooooooooooooooove me! :smiley:

Congratulations! Please, show us what you get!!!

LOL Ayla!

I’ll be sure to share pics of the yumminess. The g.certs are being mailed, I hope they’ll arrive soon!

:smiley: THAT’S SO COOOL :sunglasses:

:cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Wow…that’s awesome! Any great for public television :slight_smile: