I wish there was a way

to spin cat hair! I sure do have alot of it! :roflhard: I don’t know how my cat has any fur left. You would think she would be naked with all the fur on the tile floor. Wish I could spin some up and make something out of it! :roflhard:

I’ve heard of people spinning cat and dog hair…I believe it has to be a certain length, though.

No kidding. I have four cats and each time I’m done vacuuming, I think that if I was a better mad scientist I could build another cat.

Anyway, I picked up some magazine this month (I think it was a British one) that had an article on spinning cat and dog hair. I think it said that cat and dog hair by itself can’t be spun very well, but if you mix it with wool it works.

Somewhere – I wish I could remember where – I came across some Japanese lady’s site where she showed little toy dogs and cats she crocheted with dog and cat hair. I guess she specialized in taking hair from peoples’ pets and making little replicas of them.

I’ll see you 4 cats and raise you a black lab with thyroid problems. First she lost a bunch of hair, then she got the meds she needed, then she lost all the yucky hair and re-grew good hair. Now it’s time to get rid of that summer hair and start with the winter coat. When I go to the garage and empty the vac container I often wonder if I can knit another dog.

I spin my cat’s hair…She’s a long coat Ragdoll. Very soft, much like Angora. I add her fur in with wool. I’ve never spun short coat fur. So, spin away!!!

We have two Labs–I’m right there wishing there was a way to better put all of that fur to use! :lol:

You know, there is actually a book out there called “Knitting with Dog Hair” by Kendall Crolius (ISBN 0312152906)–can you believe it??? I once talked to a woman that had either a Siberian Husky or an Akita and she spun a hat out of her dog’s fur–it was really soft and she said it was warm, but when it got wet…well…it smelled like wet dog! :rofl:

I have a Ragdoll, too! I’ve always thought I should have kept her fur all this time. She’s 15 and I’d have enough for a nice sweater by now! :rofl:

I’m always amazed that my Lab isn’t completely bald with all the hair I sweep up each week! My Siamese cat, though, is sooo soft - but there is no way on Earth that he’ll let me brush him. If he could talk, he’d probably make me pay him to use his fur. :notworthy:

:roflhard: :roflhard: Siamese cats are like that, though! I often wonder why my Labs aren’t bald, either. If humans grew hair like their pets, we’d put the beauty industry over the top profit-wise!

Sometimes Mickey’s a sweetie (especially at 2:00 AM), but the rest of the time he has the exact personality of Bucky from the comic strip Get Fuzzy.

I’ve thought about getting a dog with longish hair when I have my own place - preferably a very large black dog that I will name Sirius or Padfoot. :wink:

Oh Jan what a pretty cat ! She’s beautiful !!!

My spinning teacher told me she has spun dog hair - she said unfortunately if you don’t treat it properly first when the sweater gets washed it does smell like wet dog and you never get rid of the smell LOL

She had not spun cat hair but had done rabbits

I received a Creative Knitting news letter earlier this summer that talked about spinning pet hair dog in particular but I’m sure you could do it with cat hair though. I believe they gave instuctions on how to do this.

Nadja xxx

A few years back at our state fair there was a woman spinning angora rabbit fur. It was funny to watch, she’d just grab up a hunk of the bunny’s fur and start spinning. Little guy just sat there like nothing was going on.
Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s much of a market for brown tabby yarn. :roflhard:

Finally, I can be of use for something! There is an ad in the back of the Fall VogueKnitting for a place called VIPFibers, and they will take your pet hair and spin it for you. I was thinking of spinning my bunnies’ hair, but I’m not sure if this is a really good idea. I mean, don’t I have enough bunny hair in my apt. as it is?


I can’t believe they will spin tabby cat! I should do it. Although my cat would probably get all mad about it if I were to wear something out of her fur. :rofl: She’s real picky about her fur and doesn’t like people touching it unless you’ve just washed your hands. :roflhard:

www.vipfibers.com You send the fur and she spins it!!

I talked with this lady at a fiberfest. I am now saving my cats fur. I brush her every chance I get! Too bad it is the end of summer and she has shed her winter coat already. Is this exploiting my cat?! :roflhard: