I wish someone would invent

a row counter that is on a ring that you can put on your thumb and just tap to count your rows.

I have been knitting a sweater in the round and think this would be the most idea solution. I have a row counter that where you must dail after ever row. I looked at other row counters and even tried to use tally marks, but all required me to stop knitting. Just a quick movement with other thumb and off to the next row . . .

What other cool things do you think someone should invent to make our knitting lives better?


Christine! YOU could invent it and make bunches! Think about it! :shock:

It’s a great idea.

That is an awesome idea… what is that 800 number? 800-invent or something like that! CALL IT

I could have sworn that the other day I saw a row counter that you put on the floor, and tap with your foot to count rows…but now I can’t find it. :rollseyes:

I have a red rectangular row counter, about the size of a matchbox, that you click. I never use it. If you want it, pm me and I’ll gladly mail it to you. I think I got it at JoAnn Fabrics. It doesn’t have a brand name on it, so that’s no help.

some people make bracelts with beads for row counters