I wish I'd have taken a pic

I stayed up WAY TOO LATE last night working on baby booties and at one point in the pattern it said to move twelve stitches to a stitch holder or safety pin…well I didn’t have either so I asked dh to help improvise…

I used zip ties!!! LOL!! :shock: I guess that’s what happens when you ask a man to help out!!!

Maybe I’ll do it again when I make the second bootie today…just so I can post a pic!!!

:smiley: Ahhh…ingenuity…very common with knitting families :wink: Cool tool help from dh :cheering: :cheering:

As long as they don’t have rough edges (some do) I think it’s a great idea! :cheering:

no rough edges and it worked out great. I just started working on the second one (before the hour and half nap I just took!!). I’ll post pics of the first one soon!