I will attempt Mobius tonight!

:woot: I’m sooo excited my LYS owner has promised to help me learn the mobius cast-on tonight !! I’ve been watching the Cat Bordi videos and U-tube (shhh don’t tell cause I’m at work) and hopefully I will catch on quickly. I don’t think my needles are flexible enough…agh may need new interchangeables for Christmas…
Any mobius advice???

I probably wouldn’t wear one (no place to do so) so I’ve never learned it, but they do look really cool. Hope you have fun tonite and are successful!

Jan - truth be told I don’t have anywhere to wear the mobius either. I just want to know how to do it ! Although if it comes out nice I could always wear when I speak at a conference. I sort of have one outfit I always wear and I think people I speak with are beginning to notice …

It would be great for that! Some of the patterns are little wraps that keep your shoulders warm, too. I’ve forgotten where you work, but there maybe things for that, too. I’m retired and we don’t really go places where I’d wear any little wraps except for the rare wedding or something. :teehee:

hello Moebius is very easy, just follow correctly Cat Bordi :grphug: video, I have done several, one of them twisted twice, broke up, urg, but I persevered and have already made a scarf and several collars, it is very good, and is a good job, and the choice point, as it is mirrored from the middle to the edges, I used the rice point (in Brazil called so), k1, p1, and inside reverse, good electrical newgaze, use needle than 4 or 5 mm, yielding more work
kiss :knitting:
olá Moebius é muito fácil, basta seguir corretamente cathi video, já fiz varios, um deles torci duas vezes, desmanchei, urg, mas insisti e já fiz uma estola e varias golas, é muito gostoso, e fica um bom trabalho, escolha bem o ponto, pois ele fica espelhado do meio para as bordas, usei o ponto arroz (aqui no Brasil chama assim), k1, p1, e no avesso inverte, bom trico pra voce, use agulha acima de 4 ou 5 mm, rende mais o trabalho

Jan - I work in a children’s hosp, but I do not have a job that affords me the opportunity to wear wraps and such. I have a dept polo or scrubs I have to wear every durn day ! I buy and knit all these great wraps, vests etc planning to wear them on weekends and let’s face it - it never happens.

See if you can check out one or both of Cat’s mobius books from your library - I think they’re called Magical Knitting or something like that. She’s got several items other then wraps/scarfs. I made a pretty cool bag from one of them.

Treasury of Magical Knitting 1 and 2. The first one has mostly scarves and wraps, the 2nd one has hats and cat beds and mostly household items.

Oh, I remember those hats. Please dont make one of those! They are very strange…

A couple of weeks ago I was at a SnB and a book with a pattern for a Mobius scarf was passed around. I found the pattern interesting until I got to the cast on. The directions were to cast on and then pick up stitches. I am not good at picking up stitches and went looking for an alternative. Most of the guidance on the web were to pick up stitches until I found Cat’s method. Cat’s method was better than pick up stitches but I still did not like it.

As I was still looking for a lazy-man’s Mobius Cast On when I looked at a pair of socks I am knitting. A light went on - I use Judy’s Magic Cast On for toe up socks shouldn’t this work? I took two circular needs of the same size. One long, which will be used for knitting the scarf and one short, which will only be used for cast on.

I cast on about 120 stitches for my test. Picking up the long working needle I brought it around to knit the stitches off the short cast on needle. I made sure that the long needle was not twisted but was in a large flat circle. Once the stitches were knit off the short needle I put that needle aside. Both ends of the long needles are now side by side pointing in opposite directions. I then pulled the needle end that was just used to knit the stitches off the short needle and pulled it around so that I could knit the original cast on stitches from other end of the long needle.

I spread the stitches out so that I could slip the last stitch from the short cast on needle over the first unknit stitch on the long needle to join the circle. Knit the cast on stitches from the long needle and pass the last stitch over stitch when reach the first stitch from the short needle to join both sides of the scarf.

You have now completed the first round and because of the mechanics of bringing the long needle’s cable around you have introduced the half turn.

I don’t know If I have explained this well, it is a lot easier to do than explain and I don’t have ready access to cameras to make pictures, hopefully in the near future.

Thanks for the idea on the books ! I’ll have to see if I can tear myself away from my Sat morning sock group to make a run to the library !

So I didn’t realize there are different cast-on methods for a mobius scarf. I watched all the Cat Bordhi videos and was all prepared for my knit night and the cast-on I was taught was by a different author. I am not a huge fan of the version I was taught and it has not proven successful for me so I may head to library for Cat’s books.

There’s a video of it on You tube, and it’s virtually the same as the provisional cast on shown here at KH, except you use the other end of your circ instead of the red yarn that’s shown in it.