I was wondering?

Does anyone ever go on the knitchat at all??? each time I do there is never anyone there…

Perhaps we can have a sticky thread at the top of this section with a title similar to this post.

Use it to post before you enter and update your post after you leave. Or even to post favorite times to chat; remember to state your local time zone, i.e. Eastern USA is GMT-5 (For non-technical use you may take UTC-Coordinated Universal Time as equivalent to GMT-Greenwich Mean Time)

Online members can “screen” the new post to meet up with friends in the chat room.

After awhile, there will even develop an informal chat schedule among groups of friends.


People do use it, but it kind of goes in cycles. Best thing to do is see if you can get a bunch of people you want to chat with to set a time for chatting.

If you scroll down to the bottom of the main forum page you can see who, if anyone, is in the chat room.

No need for a sign in/out thread - go to the bottom of the forum index (main) page and you can see who’s where.