I was on a roll....AND THEN! Please help with increase Q?

Good evening late night knitters…

I’m on a roll with my Cape Mod poncho from Stitch 'N Bich. Turtley-collar went fine (dan the eyelash yarn! Live and learn.) now I’m to the point of increasing. I currently have 48 stitches on my US17 circular needle. The pattern asked that I put a place marker (pm) after stitch 24 so I essentially have the 48 stitches divided in two - one marker indicating where my row begins and one marker showing at the half-way point. One thing- I don’t have the little loops that fit over the needle. Instead I’m using those handy plastic stitch markers made by Clover - I have one on stitch #1 and one on stitch #24. Here is where I’m stuck:

Pattern reads:
On the next rnd, inc as foll: *K to next marker, M1, sl marker, M1 (this makes 2 sts in the same spot); rep from * once more. Rep these incs every other row until there are 140 sts. You will have made 23 total incs.

Okay - so I understand that I’m to knit stitches #1 through 24 then increase. I understand how to do the first increase (the M1) which adds another stitch to my left needle. What does “sl marker” mean? I think that this means that I need to shift the marker over somewhere to create a diagonal appearance to the poncho (my best guess is that the points of increase will eventually be the front and back of the poncho).

When I attempt to do this I am able to do the first increase but then have NO idea where to pull up a stitch with my right needle to do it again…and I’m not certain where the pm is supposed to go. Is it too complicated to use my stitch markers instead of bona-fide place markers? I could use a twist-tie instead (what I’ve used in the past).

ANY help with this would be greatly appreciated!

Please let me know if you understand all the gobbely-gook I just wrote.

Slipping the marker means to move it from the left needle to the right needle. That way it always stays in the same spot. I don’t have the book, but my guess is at some point you will need to do something at that point where the marker is, like decrease or something.

If you have the marker actually attached to the knitting when you are increasing it may not remain in the same place. If you don’t have the kind that you can slip you can use a loop of yarn. Just be careful not to knit into it.

Thanks Jan!

I will get different markers so that I don’t get confused. With other projects I’ve used the stitch markers instead of place markers and I just have to remind myself to move it up with each row.

Since this is a top-down poncho I know I’ll be increasing steadily at the point of the markers (that are even spaced 24 stitches away from eachother. I just don’t know how to M1, slip pm, then M1 again in the same place (without knitting anything in between).

I’m baffled!

Anyone have any ideas about that part?

I imagine it would be quite tight trying to do two m1’s in the same place. :thinking: I think what I would do is to knit to within one stitch of the marker, m1, k1, slip marker, k1, m1. It will make a somewhat different appearance–you’ll see a diagonal line of stitches, not bad looking–but it will be easier.

Thanks for the recommendation Ingrid. I did try and do 2 M1’s in the same place but it just didn’t work - at least not the way I was doing it :??

I’m perfectly willing to try your recommendation - it will have the same end result (increasing by 2 stitches around each pm). My concern is this - this “cape” or poncho has a definite point at the front and back along the lower edge. In other words - according to the schematic in the book (basically a line drawing of the outline of the garment with measurements of the turtle-neck length and outside edge measurements) This drawing shows a definite angularity (for lack of a better term) at thefront edge of the garment. I’m wondering if this is created by the stacked increases - two side by side…

I guess there’s one way of finding out how it will look!

Thanks again!

I think you’ll get a two stitch line up the front with the angles coming out from there. You might want to look up paired increases and see what that may get you for increases side by side.

I’ve done a m1 twice in the same stitch before. Before I learned the cable cast-on, I did it for the thumb “hole” of the mittens i made my girls… now that I can do the cable cast-on, I can’t for the life of me remember how I m1 twice! :?? :oops: :lol: