I wants more DPNs

I’ve gone to a couple of stores seeing if there’s some kinda multi-DPN set instead of having to buy a bunch of seperate sets…I want DPNs to knit stuff like tube socks, arm warmers etc, things too small for my circs (I’ll try magic loop later, eh?) Knitpicks has some buuuut I always try to buy at brick-and-mortar before I buy online. Suggestions?

Honestly, go magic loop. I bought a set from KP, and I love them, and used them many times, but once I went ML, I pretty much haven’t touched them! Save yourself a step, and go straight to magic loop!

I’ve always preferred Clover Bamboo DPN, so I haven’t tried KP yet and can’t comment on those. I’ve tried a few cheaper ones and the quality was not nearly as good. I don’t know if Clover comes in sets or not… :think:

I now prefer magic loop or two circs, but still use the DP occasionally.

Joann Fabrics carries a multi-pack of small size needles. Sizes 1, 0, 00, and 000 in a single pack.


In addition KA and Hiya Hiya carry 9 inch circular needles



Hiya Hiya also has an 11 inch circular needle


Addi carries an 8 inch and 12 inch circular needle


The smaller circulars have smaller needle heads and takes some getting used to, but, with 8, 9, 11 and 12 inch available you should be able to knit most sock and hats. When I use the 12 inch for socks I knit in either a double point or second circular for the heel.

I was always afraid of bending the bamboo. I tend to knit my socks on 2.25mm and the way they bend with how tight I tend to knit…kinda scared me. Never broke one, but always felt like I could break one!

I think I would feel better about the bamboo if I did more of my knitting on 2.75mm or larger…smiles

Clovers are $$$$ here so I’ve stayed away. I bought a set of metal size 2 DPNs from Miguels, they weren’t expensive but I ferget what brand they are. I think I need longer size 2 DPNs from Miguels, at least. My circs only go to like 3.5 and KP 4(?)

if you are doing socks, you probably won’t need anything bigger than 3.5, but other things you might want bigger ones for. I have a few of the common sets that crop up, but that was before when I only had the denise interchangeables. Once I got my KP Options, I have been able to ML again with those.

Although yes…with the larger ones, I will agree with Jan in CA, I do use the DPNS occasionally!

I started out with Boye DPN’s. used the crap out of them and now the paint is commin off the ends…I tried the Addi DPN’s, they suck. I am now replacing them with KnitPicks DPN’s.

I have most of them but still working on getting them all replaced. I have their “sock needle set” on the way as we speak.

I have some bamboo DPN’s too. But they arent my fav. The KnitPicks ones are now.

I bought a set of bamboo DPNs on Ebay for a song and they shipped from Hong Kong. I thought I would give those a trial run since I had never used DPNs before and didn’t want to spend much.

Granted, they are not as sturdy as Clovers but several years later, they are still working fine.

Thanks for the awesome links. I have KP Options and Addiclicks so I’m pretty well set on the Circs lol.

I got a whole set from here for around $30 bucks. I have used several sizes and they are nice to work with. very smooth, the tips are not too sharp nor too blunt. great if you are looking for a deal and to have them “in case” i got them to have until i could afford a “better” set but I have not been so inclined to purchase different ones as these have held up great. I have had them for about 10 months with no issues of splintering, flexible but dont snap, etc.

comes in sizes 0-15 and right now the whole set is $24.99

good luck i hope you find what you like :slight_smile:

Me, two!

I got a 6" set for $15 on eBay and they are smooth with a good point, better than Clover, and the price can’t be beat. I have several other sets from other Manufacturers, but I now have every size and don’t have to run shopping for them each time a pattern calls for them. They have come in real handy knitting gloves and fingerless mitts.

I’m confused about all the abbreviations What is a DPN? And what are all the other abbreviations?

double point needles

Dpns are Double Pointed Needles. Which other ones don’t you know?

When in doubt try the Knitting Help Glossary on the right side of the menu bar. It doesn’t have all the abbreviation but it is a good place to start.

At the top of this forum in a sticky post is a list of commonly used abbreviations and the glossary has a lot of knitting ones.