I want to try fair isle

Does anyone know of any really quick patterns like a baby sweater or something?

This is what I’ve selected to try my hand at it…it is next in line to be cast on. It may or not be true fair isle, but it’ll give the stranding experience I’m looking for.


and here’s a couple of articles from Knitting Daily that are of interest:



If you haven’t done fair isle / stranded knitting before I suggest you view this tutorial and make the little bag. I did and it helped tremendously. Once you have mastered the technique you can do most anything.

You’ll need IE to view the video

I used the tutorial from Jan in CA’s link, and it helped me tremendously! My first Fair Isle was the Fake Isle Hat from KPC, and I definitely highly recommend it as a first fair isle project, as it’s fairly simple and highly rewarding :slight_smile: Good luck!!