I want to knit a bed for a ferret


A friend is buying her daughter a ferret for her 11th birthday. I’ve really upset my friends daughter as she’s heard me tell her mum she’s crazy buying ferrets for her.

My friend is determined to go ahead so I thought if I made something for the ferrets it would be a peace offering.

The idea is a bed type thing t can cuddle into.

Anydeas pease?

Susi xx

How about a cat bowl bed? Ravelry has lots of cat bed patterns. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#craft=knitting&page=1&sort=popularity&query=cat%20bed&view=captioned_thumbs

BTW I wouldn’t want a ferret around my home. Why people love them baffles me but to each their own, live and let live, etc., etc. My downstairs neighbor keeps a ferret and basically it’s the ferret’s apartment that it shares with her. I hope your peace offering does the trick. It’s so easy to offend someone, especially a child, without even meaning anything really negative.

I love ferrets but I don’t think there a kids per. I told my friend I was worried about it and her daughter spent all night texting me with how upset she is I’m trying to talk her my out of it. I know that when her daughter gets bored of them and no longer wants them I’ll end up with them

I didn’t think of a cat bed I have found 1 on ravelry that’s cute and I have the yarn in stash!

Thank you


Uhh…will a ferret even sleep in a “bed”? Maybe a small bowl type thing if it’s going to be in a cage.

I wouldn’t want a ferret in my house either. I draw the line at anything other than a dog or cat. Or maybe a hamster with a kid who is responsible and would keep the cage clean. Rodents can get stinky… :zombie: To each his own though.

My daughter was rather responsible about animals but wasn’t allowed to have pets. They were her dependents. I insisted that when she was to be gone to visit her dad or anywhere else overnight that she ask me to take care of her critter dependents while she was gone. I would have anyhow but I thought she needed to learn something about having a living creature dependent upon you for everything. It worked out well with her. Still, I wouldn’t let her keep snakes nor would I have bought or allowed her to buy a ferret. She did keep an alligator lizard in a fish tank. It was confined and didn’t stench. The main problem was it had to have live food. Yuck!

I think a cat bowl for a ferret might work out. They do like small spaces I think.

We had ferrets when my boys were growing up. They loved to sleep in a hammock style bed. Also they like soft things. I would probably make a hammock out of fleece. You will need something to hang it up in a corner of the cage, maybe some type of keychain clips attached to two sides.

Errrm . . . why will [U][I][B]you[/B][/I][/U] automatically end up with the ferrets once your FRIEND’S child is tired of them? Seems to me that the ferrets are [I]their[/I] problem (whether they’re tired of them or not)!

And as far as texting you all night in complaint, why not turn your phone off and/or let the young lady know that that is not acceptable.

In other words, maybe draw some boundaries with these people.

My Fred knows I take in animals that are destitute. She hasn’t said about me avig them but in 6 months or so wen the novelty worn off then it’ll be different I’m sure. It was chinchillas a couple of months ago that she wanted. Her mum told me how good she was with them.

She care to my house last weekend and asked to pet my chinchilla, as de was so say used to them I sad sure. She was nervous and my chinny tried to bite her as de was timmid with her. I’m nervous like her mother should be.

Argh well, I can hope for these poor creatures that her mum says no in the end.

I like the idea for a hammock as well ( I know very little about ferrets).

Thank you


My ex had a ferret. Hers had a hammock and a sock that she loved to sleep in. :slight_smile:

I’ve looked at the ferrets in the local pet store. It is a clean store too and they can’t keep the cage clean. Those animals are nasty and STINK! That 11 year old is not going to want the chore of keeping the cage clean or cleaning up messes that are made throughout the house.

Tell the mother to be sure she has an organization that will take them if/when they decide to get rid of it. Some stores will even take the pet back within a certain amount of time. No matter how hard it is to resist unwanted animals, let her know you don’t want them. You weren’t placed in her life for them to just assume that you will be her backup system or doormat and take these animals off of her hands.

Lighting57, they can be very destructive too. I’ve seen the results of their behaviors and it ain’t pretty. The link I found doesn’t say they’re destructive and stink to hight heaven, at least not in so many words. I guess they can be good pets for some people but they’re not a good idea for most people. I can see why someone with a ferret in a rental would be required to pay a huge pet deposit or fee. The downstairs neighbor was complaining about vet bills and health issues with her ferret, then replaced it with another when it died. To me that’s a big go figure. I won’t listen to her complain again.

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