I want to dye yarn... HELP!

I have never dyed yarn before… how do I do this with store bought natural wool? I want to make in pink! Or red… or purple. What can I use to dye it? What do you use to dye? Any equipment? What dye do I use? Where can I get it cheap? Thanks for helping!


Koolaid works with 100% wool. There’s a tutorial at knit pickson how to do it.

I heard of that… thanks for the link!

Koolaid dyeing is fun and super easy - I dyed a whole punch of old wool someone gave me that was starting to yellow. It came out gorgeous and I used it to make a felted satchel type bag for the person that gave it to me. Depending on how much you are dyeing I would do it on a nice day when you can put everything outside to dry.

picture proof of my koolaid dye job

Pink yarn, you say?

If you’re using an all natural fiber, you can use a natural dye on the cheap.

Beets are an excellent option but eventually fades, so you might want to re-dye completed pieces if you don’t have any other yarn incorporated into your project.

Ask me for other colors and detailed dying directions!

Oh, pretty. I just saw this for the first time. I’m late to the party but had to say I[COLOR=“Red”] L :heart: VE [/COLOR]your bag.

That’s so funny this post came up b/c I just pulled this yarn out of the closet last week and was trying to decide what I could make with it and trying to remember what the first bag looked like !!

A spam post brought it to the surface. Interesting how things work out.

I too am interested in knitting for the babies. Please PM me to receive the yarn. Thank you.