I want to call in sick today

I got my yarn to make baby afghan…there is that new Tuesday Mornings nearby…I want to sit outside and get going on some projects darnit! Oh well, better suck it up and go in :rollseyes: …just my luck that I would end up really getting sick, needing the time off and not having any days left.

I know what you mean when I get new yarn or a new idea I have to start on it right that minute!! LOL its best if I wait till nap time or after bed time cause Roo (my daughter) she gets mad when I bring out the yarn and needles and I hear stttttoopppppppp noooooo… we are getting ready to enter those lovely TWOs :lol: Plus then usually I’m chasing after Isaiah or Roo with yarn and needles in hand and drop a stitch or lose my place… so yeah have to wait too…

bummer…almost the weekend now though :slight_smile: