I want that pattern!

Hi everyone!
I found this lovely video on youtube, and I hope you can help me figure out how she knit that one! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOlTPvHtHiI&mode=related&search=
To me it looks like a triangular blanket in stockinette (the reverse side as outer side) which got its three ends mended together.
I can understand a little chinese, and she doesn’t tell how se did, she just shows you all sides and asks whether we like it and that we can do it as well…
Oh I so love it!
Please tell me if you have a clue to how it was done!
thx, miranda

If you go to her blog and scroll down, there are more videos where she talks about the hat…


Looks to me like it’s a 5-sided shape, sort of like a short house with a big roof, if that makes any sense…with the straight “wall” edges seamed together, then the “roof” edges seamed back on themselves. That’s what it looked like from the second video anyways. :smiley:

:pout: I am dumb…yes, you are right, there are explanations. :muah: thankyou.

It seems sche made a scarf with tunnesl at the ending. She inserts a thread through both tunnels and binds them together. This produces a “headband” without to, it seems. Then she sews the top together in a T-Shape… :??
I’m gonna try it and report to you…
It makes a very nice hat - when she did it. Hopefully I can produce it as well!

Thanks for your help.