I Want 2 Make This Tote! Any1 beyond beginner, advice pls


Finally finished with scarf #2 (much better than #1 by the way) I got pretty good a knit, purl, k2, p2 too.

So i’m ready for project #3 and I Want AND Need a tote for all my yarn and stuff I haven’t got yet.

Well there’s 1 on this site that I’d like to make.

It’s under free patterns and click under Beginners chunky hip bag down at the bottom (But, the picture that actually pops up is for the “trio” knit tote bag and that’s the one i like! Sorry I don’t know how to link you to it :? )

But it says intermediate and i don’t feel exactly like that yet but, i’m willing to practice and practice the seed stitch. I’ll also need to know what a DP(?) sz 11 needle is.

What do you think?

Is this something you think I shouldn’t try to take on?

I also saw a felted french tote on knitty that i liked but I dont know.

What should I do?

For those who take the time to help me with this, I really appreciate your help.



Congrats on making scarf #2. My first project (aside from knitting a huge rectangle of knits and purls with my first skein) was a felted bag done on just circular needles (from Stitch 'n Bitch). I now recommend this type of project to beginners, because the felting process hides uneven stitches and other idiosyncracies.

On the free pattern page, the descriptions are under the picture, so the beginner bag is actually above the ‘Trio’. Trio is cute, tho I’m partial to felted projects especially for knitting bags - no gaps for needles to poke through. And since you’re not experienced with DPNs (double pointed needles) maybe a felted bag would be the thing to try first since it would hide any boo-boos?

Good luck.

Hi Kelly,

When I click on the chunky hip bag I get something different that what you said–you want to do the trio knit tote bag, right?

I wouldn’t say I’m too far beyond beginner, but I think this is a good bag for basic circular and double pointed needle learning! My first projects after scarves and dishcloths were on circular and double pointed needles, and it’s really not that bad! Amy has some great videos on the advanced techniques page you should check out for circular and dpn knitting.

Amy also has seed stitch videos–I’m sure those will help! And DP means double pointed needles. When you start to decrease in the round it will get too small for your circular needle and you’ll have to switch to the DPs.

I haven’t done any felted things yet, but I guess that would be good if you’re concerned about mistakes showing.

But, I say go for it! :smiley: I love circular knitting now!

I’ve made this bag!!! It’s very easy, simple seed stitch and I’m not much beyond a beginner. I did use DecoRibbon instead of the Trio (my LYS did not have Trio). You don’t need to use DPNs until the decreases get too awkward with the circs, and by that time, it just “works”. Go for it! you can PM me if you have any questions while you’re working on it.