I wanna be Loopy!

Now, Now … no name calling! I know I’m already loopy!

What I mean is that I’m looking for a scarf pattern that would be similar to this scarf that is in the recent Talbot’s catalog - the Holiday 2005 version.

It just looks like it would be fun to make. I can’t tell if it’s made with the loop stitch as shown in Amy’s video or if it is made from some kind of loopy yarn. Has anyone heard of a loopy yarn? I found this one … which isn’t quite what I’m looking for - it’s more of a boucle: http://www.chadiscrafts.com/Bouclekippot.html

This one may work:

And … how do I make those links I’m copying in to this post look like the rest of you do it? With just one word highlighted that takes you to the link?



I fixed the link for you, Kitten…if you click on “edit” in your above post, you can see how I did it.

[size=6][color=orange]oh COME ON! that’s the only reason i clicked on this thread! :wink:[/color][/size]

yeah i am no help…i can’t see the scarf well enough on this computer to be of any real assistance…sorry

Brenda Louise … I KNEW you’d have to respond to that subject line in some fashion! :devil:

KK – thanks for fixin’ me up with the links … if I had just looked around a little longer I would have seen the URL link. S L O W L Y but Shirley (quit calling me Shirley!) I’ll figure all of this out.

Now … where’s a pattern!?!


Is this what u r looking for :smiley: ?!

Thats close to what it looked like, Rebecca. But, oh … do I have the patience to make each one of those loops!? I doubt it. I’m part of the Microwave Generation, you know. I want it NOW!!!


Just drink more!

did you watch the loopy video on the site? it doesn’t look terribly complicated, though prolly time consuming…

Loops are really FUN to make :smiley: !! …trust me :wink:

“Trust Me” from the woman who says socks are easy!?!?!


:wink: U will one day ‘remember when’ I said that they were easy and agree :wink: …trust me :smiley:

I can’t wait to brave it, Rebecca. I LOVE all the sock yarn – I’m just not adept at handling the DPN’s quickly yet. I can use them … but I’m slow and awkward with them. And, my ol’ eyes have a little trouble with the thinner yarn and smaller needles. I’m not a very patient person. I have to remember – it’s not the destination, but the journey - that is important.