I thought you didnt have to P on circs?

My sweater pattern says

CO 138, join,plc mrkr, and P even for 1 inch…

umm…help!! AGAIN!! :oops: :hug: :notworthy:

On circular needles, you only don’t have to purl if you’re doing plain stockinette stitch. When it tells you to purl even for 1", on circular needles that will give you reverse stockinette stitch. The purl bumps will be on the outside of the garment and the knit V’s will be on the inside.

And to get garter stitch on circulars you would knit 1 row and purl 1 row.


ohhhh… SEE… THIS is why I LOVE this site!! thanks ladies… I think its wanting me to purl so the bottom of my edge has contrasting stitches…


Yep, you got it. It will have a reverse stockinette border but I imagine you will then start stockinette which will be knitting every stitch of every row.