I think its time I paid a visit to the dr.....UPDATE

Really hoped I wouldn’t have to - see this thread for infoBut after a week of not knitting and resting my hands yesterday I picked up the needles and started knitting. I decided maybe i should try knitting looser seeing if that would help any, but clearly not because my fingers are back to hurting again. At least the index fingers but now for some reason the pain has gone to my pinky finger. I suspect i’ve killed my hands…:frowning: So am going to stop knitting until I have advice from the Doctors…so…my friend will probably not see this blanket until after the baby’s born, or probably a long time from that which is when I am sure someone else has given her a baby blanket? Can you have too many baby blankets? If so then perhaps I shall sell mine on Ebay! Well when it comes to knitting it…or donate it to a hospital…oh i’m so upset now. I was looking forward to getting this done.

Well hope you all dont mind this rant of a post.

I know how you feel. I love to knit, and once I get going on a project, I go at it as long as possible, sometimes ignoring the nagging pain in my hands, fingers. Then I have to stop for a few days! Whahhhhhhaaaaha! (crying bigtime).

but for me it’s necessary, cuz I do have a titch of arthritis here and there. Old bones.

The arthritis is what i am worried about :frowning: I feel i may have got that from the knitting - great.

I’m sorry to hear you’re still having problems, and I hope you get some answers about what’s causing the pain soon.

I don’t know that an activity can cause arthritis, but I do know that repeated motions can bring on tendonitis and carpal tunnel and other problems. Let’s hope that whatever’s going on can be treated swiftly and that you’ll be back to knitting again in no time.

And, NO, a mother can’t have too many baby blankets. Usually at least one of the blankets is dirty and/or being washed when it’s most needed, so I’d still give it to your friend whenever you can.

Sorry to hear about the pain still, let’s hope the doctor can figure out what it is at least so you’ll know what to do about it.

And I agree, the mother would still appreciate the blanket and babies need a few, for at home, in the pram, on car journeys etc.

I think seeing the doctor is a great idea. There may well be treatments that will help and let you get back to knitting. I certainly hope so and hope that all goes well.
I don’t think I ever had enough baby blankets and lots of friends contributed to that supply. They are always a welcome present,

what if we all helped? you could send the blanket to us and we could help finish it so that it won’t be too late, what do you all think?

Hope so. I mean its mostly the index fingers where the pain is and sometimes my right thumb and it looks like I have a bruise on my index finger…so hope the doc can offer me some advice or something. Ugh knitting is supposed to be fun for gods sake :frowning:

I’m actually looking into buying some relief type gloves like Handeze…but before I do I will see doc before I spend £17 on a pair

Thanks but I’d really like to do it myself. It won’t seem like its from me if people help lol. But thanks all the same very nice of you.

Sorry to hear that you’re suffering, and to the point that your project is stalled!

I’ve had hand aches, wrist aches, but none of them compare to the searing pain I’ve had the past two weeks. It runs upwards from my elbow to a few inches below my shoulder, in the muscles, like a butcher knife is stabbed into my arm.

But I know how you feel (“should I wait, or should I see a doctor?”). I’m not very good about seeking medical attention…I suffer with pain until it goes away…but clearly, that’s really not the way to address pain.

I agree with all other comments…you should see a doctor. Perhaps there is a medication, or dietary changes, that will relieve your joints of pain and the stress that’s causing the pain.

A baby blanket, gifted to the mommy, when the baby is even one-year old, will be a WELCOMED GIFT.
Give it to the baby as a 6 month’s birthday present, or a one year birthday present! :wink:

The base of the thumb is one of the places that arthritis shows up first, or, you can get something called ‘tenosynovitis’ at the base of the thumb. Sounds like a trip to the doctor would be a good thing.

One thing that can help a little is the supplement glucosamine/chondroitin. You have to take it for a month or so before you notice a difference, but it can help both animals and humans with osteoarthritis (arthritis that is from “wear and tear”).

osteoarthritis, psoriatic arthritis, polymyalgia and fibromyalgia, use a muscle cream on your hands, you can wash the minty smell off after you are done if it sticks to your yarn (I usually wait until it is all soaked in good), I use theragesic or I use a specialty lotion for fibromyalgia (I get it either online or on Ebay, it is called two old goats, and smells fabulous)

Voltaren gel is awesome, too! Not greasy and doesn’t have much of a smell. I will have to try the Two Old Goats; thanks for the tip!

I’ve started taking coconut oil daily and my knees and hands thank me. I can do deep knee bends and barely get a complaint from my knees. My hands are much less prone to stiffness. After several weeks, I am almost convinced it’s the coconut oil. It probably wouldn’t harm you to try some either in cooking or in a hot beverage, I put about a tbs. in coffee every morning. I’m not saying it will cure your ills, it’s not a miracle worker, but there is a chance you might see some improvement by using it in conjunction with whatever else you do.

a physio nurse in hospital told to exercise my hands in a bowl of warm/hot water, she says it helps

The best way I’ve found to do that is to wash dishes in the sink.

Re: blankets

I have a one month old and a two year old. We have lots of blankets: in the van, in the crib, in our bedroom.

I change the baby on the flannel ones. Also, she spits up.

I knit a hat out of sport weight cotton for DD and geez, my fingers hurt. I’m not a tight knitter, either!

When I started using sock yarn and size 2 or smaller needles my hands started hurting. I had to pay attention to how I was holding the yarn and needles to figure out how to do it without gripping things too tightly. I wish I could tell you how I changed my way of doing it but for me it’s just something you find a way to do that works for you.

Ugh it sucks not being able to knit :frowning: i haven’ t seen the doctor yet but plan to next week while i’m on late shifts - yep thats right I’m a shift worker - ugh.

But until i see the doc I am not picking up my needles, even if I want to :frowning: which sucks. I like the idea of making things its theraputic! ugh why do things like this ALWAYS happen to me - don’t worry, I known i’m not the only person. I’m just having a woe is me moment - it will go away momentarily.

how long do you guys reckon I should rest my hands in the meantime. Ugh it really does suck! :frowning:

well, everyone is different, but when I wake up in the morning and my hands hurt, I make myself knit, but I have had medical doctors tell me to do so, I have to make them move or I could end up with frozen joints. I would think it would be wise to not stop moving them, but don’t knit until you find out what is wrong.