I think I'm in love...with socks!

I’ve finally gotten the courage to work more on socks! I had started back in Jan. and just worked the cuff in the round and stopped because I thought it’d be too hard. Last night I finally picked it back up, turned the heel and started working on the gussett (sp.?). There’s lost of mistakes and dropped stitches but I just kept on going just to get the hang of it. I have to say that I :heart:love:heart: working on socks!!

Now, I’m looking for a pretty easy pattern on DPNs to knit my first actual pair of socks. Any suggestions on first time patterns to make?

Also, any suggestions on favorite sock yarns to use? I’m a sock yarn virgin and I have no idea what’s good to use or what’s horrible. I was just using some Lion’s Brand Microspun that I had lying around and while its nice and soft, it was slipping off the needles like crazy. I only used it so I could practice with some eh kind of yarn tht I had lying around. What do you all like for socks?

hehehe…socks are addictive, and sock yarn is dangerous to your wallet (it’s like crack!)
so…let me link you to some of my crack dealers:
Blue Moon Fiber Arts - I love ALL their yarns, they have amazing colorways!
Lisa Souza- BEAUTIFUL! Sock! and Sock Merino!
The Loopy Ewe - online store with lots of beautiful yarns. EXCELLENT customer service.

If you’re looking for prices that are easier on the wallet, don’t forget to check out knitpicks. They have a link on the left just for sock yarn (sport weight/fingering weight yarn) under the yarn section. I’ve gotten some of their bare fingering weight for dyeing my own, and it’s pretty nice.

hi, katie! i’m a beginner…but am thinking socks might be in my very near future. :slight_smile:

a friend sent me here for a great pattern/illustration for socks using dpns.

good luck!

[COLOR=“Purple”]kaydee, nice to meet you. I’m kaytee. :slight_smile:
I’m a sock virgin also and I’m really wanting to try!
Thanks Mariblue and Jax3303 for the tips![/COLOR]

Hey katie, I generally use On-garne, which is a german wool blend, but I’ll generally use any wool blend. As far as patterns go, could always do what I do, and make up your own.

Welcome to the dark side fellow sock addict!!!:muah:

For knitting socks my favorite is Lornas Laces Shepherd Sock. The colorways are soooo pretty. I also am an Etsy Ho when it comes to sock yarn.

But aside from telling you what my favorite yarn is, I think it would be helpful to tell you what I look for in sock yarns. Please know these are my personal preferences, not guidelines. :shifty:

Weight-I definitely want sock/fingering/# 1 weight yarn. I have used both DK and Worsted and find that when I wear them I feel the purl bumps in my heels. Sport weight isn’t as bad but still not my 1st choice. Lace weight yarn is too weak for socks IMO.

Fiber-I prefer wool/nylon blend sock yarn. The nylon adds strength and is particularly useful at the heels and toes. Some people are fine with carrying nylon with the sock yarn at the heel and toe…I find I am too lazy. :stuck_out_tongue: I want an all inclusive yarn. :roflhard: (Note: Mohair also strengthens sock yarn)

Care-I definitely want my socks to be able to be thrown in the washing machine so superwash sock yarn is a must for me. Well I shouldn’t say a “must”. I have been working on a lovely pair made in a wool/mohair blend. Sadly, these will be house socks for me, as were I ever to wear them with sneakers, my feet would sweat :ick: so much I would felt them.

I try to look at the above factors before I am blinded by the pretty colors. If I find a colorway I MUST have, I am not above having it custom dyed or dying it myself. I just make note (in my knitting knotebook) of the colors and WHY they were so pleasing to me.

[B][U][COLOR=red]Oh, and last I heard, the OFFICIAL verdict is that sock yarn does not, will not, and can not in any way shape or form count as stash.[/COLOR][/U][/B] :thumbsup:

Thanks everyone for the advice. I’ve been using Silver’s turorial as a guide to practice. I think I’m going to practice one more before working on a real pattern. Rorshach, I’m not quite sure I could make my own pattern, I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

Thanks for the links posted, those are some beautiful yarns:drool: I think my bank account is going to be feeling it once I pick what I want to order:teehee:

Chel, thanks for those tips. I love to know what people look for in yarns so I can get a better idea of what to pick that’ll be good.

i made two great pairs of socks using silver’s tutorial pattern. very comfy and useful. i wear them every weekend i work.

sock knitting :heart: is just the best. im looking for interesting patterns. cookie a. is my favorite. if anyone knows of a good pattern similar to cookie’s wavelength, please direct me to it!

as for sock yarn, i dont have a favorite for any reason other than colors and softness, and that would be jitterbug. i havent tried socks that rock, but i want to. it looks scrumptious.

Your friend is a smart cookie. big cheesy grin :teehee:

This is the pattern I used for my first pair.
Very easy to follow. A very reasonable sock yarn is Fabel superwash by Garn Studio. It knits well with interesting patterning.

This is the sock pattern I’m using for my first:


I’m also using the Magic Stripes yarn in Jelly Bean. Very [COLOR=sandybrown]loud[/COLOR]! :shock:

I can’t wait to use nicer sock yarns and make my girls some too. :happydancing:

Hi Kaydee! I’ve been bitten by the sock bug, too. I’m knitting my second pair at the moment. I knit my first pair in worsted weight yarn on size 6 needles, so they went really quickly. This pair I’m knitting with Colinette Jitterbug (fingering weight) yarn on size 1 needles! :shock: They are going verrrrrrrrrrry slowly. I think for my next pair, I’ll find some middle ground and use DK weight yarn. I have heard that Socks That Rock’s middle weight yarn is similar to this.

I haven’t seen anyone mention this book yet, so I guess I will! :teehee: I bought Sensational Knitted Socks, and I love it. It’s more like a template than just a pattern. You can adapt your sock to any gauge yarn, and there is a mini stitch dictionary so you can choose your pattern. I’ve found it really helpful.

Also, I’m SUCH a sucker for handpainted or handdyed yarns, so I tend to be drawn to those. They’re a bit more expensive, but since I’m such a slow knitter, I figure that my cost per hour is fairly low. :teehee: Well, at least that’s how I rationalize it to myself.

Okay, that’s probably WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY more than you wanted to know, but hope it helps! :thumbsup:

I love making my own pattern with an online sockulator, or search ‘basic sock chart’ on Google for an incredibly useful reference for top-down heel flap socks (parts of it work well for short row socks too). I think it’s the first result.

P.S. most patterns call for thin wool on tiny needles. Socks work well on thick soft lovely cushy wool on appropriately-sized needles too, just may be too thick to wear inside shoes and possibly wear less well and the wearer might be able to feel the stitches on the feet. But not me honestly.

I’ve used both silver’s tutorial and pure and simple socks patterns. Both are good. Silver’s to get to the idea of making the socks. The pure and simple comes in different weights for the yarns. Just something else to look into for patterns.
I agree once you start making them you just can’t put them down.
I’m now trying the socks on two circular needles,
hope Silver sees this waiting for that tutorial using two circular needles for socks:flirt::flirt:on her blog.

The fun is just beginning. Socknitting is soooooooooo addictive.
There are great patterns floating all over the internet and wonderful books as well.

The sock yarns are yummy (and KnitPicks is also inexpensive as well). You will find there are just too many patterns and too much yarn to choose from and must have it all.

But it is okay - sock yarn does not count in your stash. And we should all have libraries in our homes, right?

So have fun! Follow Silver’s Tutorial, buy yarn, buy books and post your pictures! :muah:

I love love love socks! Finishing the 2nd sock in my first non-sock class pair!! I took a magic loop class, that was my first pair. It’s so portable too. Yep…love love love doing the socks!!!

I found a really neat sock pattern and thought of this thread as there are so many sock knitting addicts gathered here

I want to do this! I think I will do this pattern before designing my own pattern, just to get comfortable with all of these different cabling techniques. Isn’t it lovely? :inlove:

Ooooo, those are nice!!

Ahhhhh, others that have been bitten by the sock bug, it brings tears of joy to my eyes.