I think I'm doing something wrong...help!

I am making a shawl. It has a garter stitch edging then splits and has stockinette stitch for the bulk of the garment. My problem is that after the 5 knit stitches you do a yo before knitting or purling the stockinette stitch part. The yo’s on the purl rows look nice and leave nice spaces but the yo’s on the knit rows don’t hardly show at all. So it kind of looks like I’ve only yo’d one side of the shawl. I’ve already torn it out and started over twice. This is a really simple pattern; I can’t figure out where I"m going wrong. Can anyone help?

If your stitch count is correct you are probably doing it right. But when purling after a yarn over you are making the YO bigger when you bring the yarn to the front and not so much when knitting after a YO because the yarn stays to the back. Also lace needs to block when done, it will likely look better when you are all the way done and it’s not all scrunched up.

Check to make sure you’re not purling the RS YOs tbl which will make them close up. If you’re doing YOs on both ends of both rows, they’re going to look a little smaller too. Do you have a picture of your work that you can post?