I think I need to go on a yarn fast

I seriously have WAY too much yarn. I don’t even know what to do with it all. :frowning: I sorted it out today, and I have 2 big rubbermaid bins full. Maybe I could do some charity knitting, but I am barely getting the knitting I am doing now done. oy. And the worst thing is that I look at all that yarn, and I know I bought it with money from my plasma. (I go give plasma twice a week to fund my habit and going to the movies. Hey…we are a college family.) How did I buy all this yarn with no clear purpose for it? (or change my mind from my original purpose so easily!? )

I see your two bins and I raise you a couple of baskets. :lol:

Seriously there must be some kind of yarn disease and I got it too. I bought 4 sweaters at Goodwill to unravel. I haven’t gone through my two big plastic bins and baskets (and what all esle is in my closet) yet. What was I thinking? See it has to be a disease. We just can’t control ourselves

The only thing that kept me from stopping at my LYS this afternoon was my DD in the backseat, who did not endear herself to me the last time we were there. There’s always something more I want to make. Always a new idea. When I end up with odds that I can’t use, I give them to my sister who is an art teacher, or you could try a local nursing home, or adult care facility or I have also taken things to a friend who is a nun and she takes them to the infirmary at her motherhouse. I’ve been sewing for years, you should see the piles and dressers and boxes I have with that stuff. “The one with the biggest yarn stash when she dies, wins!”

That is a VERY kind thought, Sara, but let me tell you a secret…I work at a retirement community with all levels of care…we could FILL the place with all the yarn folks want to give us…Yarn and jigsaw puzzles and Readers Digest Condensed Books.

My advice…call FIRST and talk to the Activities Director. Ask her if they can use it and/or have room to store it until they do. Ask her to be honest, because there are so many times that we take EVERYTHING that is given to us because we dont want to hurt any feelings, and it ends up in “circular file 13” if you know what I mean. And, I know people dont want that to happen with their donations. We dont want to do it, either…its a tough situation.

Prehaps they have a knitting club.

We just started a knitting club and have over 25 kids knitting. We even have 7 or so boys. The boys tend to grab the rocking chairs in the room first. Go figure. And they are catching on faster than the girs. The kids that go to that school generally are on the free or reduced lunch program. It is a very poor school.

The school after school program did give us a small bugdet, but outfiting our knitters with starter needles. (Yes we thought of making them first, but time time time) the small bugdet is nearly gone. I rounded up all the yarn donation I could find and just went to the big box store to purchase oun poounders of cheap yarn for the kids to split up.

Or do just like I do with my sewing yardage – just keep it hidden and hope the husband doesn’t find it.


OMGGGGGGG cool idea

I was part of a beaders circle a little while back, and we had a stash share box; someone started a box, and we’d put in it all of our “leftover” beads, and mail it to the next person… then she would take what she wanted, and add in whatever she had left over and send it on.
Maybe this is something we could do here? the only downfall I see is that while beads aresmall and light, a box on leftover yarn balls has the potential for getting expensive to mail… hmm, never mind. good idea in theory, i suppose :??

I don’t know if any of you have this problem, but I am a new knitter and obsessed with cool yarn. My problem is I see some I like, but don’t have a lot of money everytime I see something, so I buy two or three skeins/balls of it and then I never have enough to make something with it when I find a pattern I like and have the yarn in mind. Oi! I am going to really have to change my purchasing habbits or else make a lot of scarfs and hats because I think that is all it would make. Yikes! :doh:

yup. i do this all the time. stupid pretty yarn at the stupid LYS my stupid brain can’t resist! :wall:

I have tried to come to a place of acceptance of my yarn obsession. I don’t really have space for it, and have had to re-arrange my studio apartment to house it, but I could never give it up. It makes me happy, like Scrouge counting money, to look upon it.

I am guilty of buying 2-3 skiens of something I like just to have it, even though it will never be enough to make something. And I’ll keep doing it.



It’s actually made me starting thinking of the yarn I have when I see patterns. If I see something small to make, I try to turn to what I’ve got instead of what I could have. It’s been a good practice… and has really forced me to think of yarn substitution, and forcing the math that sometimes takes.

Hi, my name is yellowness, and I’m a yarnaholic.

Kelly lights up a cigarette, takes a bite of a donut & a slurp of coffee

Yellow, you CRACK me up! :rofling:

OMG, I’m home, I’m HOME!!! :cheering:

Yarnaholic, that’s me. Wanna hear the depth of my sickness?
One of my kid’s teachers wants me to make her a poncho. She is spending this week finding a pattern she likes and buying her yarn. She is trying to decide amongst several patterns, and even though I am too busy right now to really make her even one poncho, I suggested that she choose two or THREE and I will make them all!!!
Why? Why did I say this? I think…I just want more yarn around, even if it’s not mine. I find myself hoping she buys all the yarn at once so I can have it around here for a few weeks.
Here’s another example: My brother in California is a master spinner/weaver, but also spins his own wool and dyes it with stuff like real indigo and rose madder, etc. He has been planning to send me a little bit of yarn for months now, and at mail time I dash out to the mailbox like a madwoman; Is it here yet? Is it here yet?
So you’d think I was low on yarn myself, what with all this wishing for yarn. Nope. My walk-in closet is full of cone yarn right now like a yarn store.
There is no hope for me. And I like it that way.[/quote]

Oh, I have to join this thread…

I am seriously contemplaiting opening my own yarn shop so that I can be surrounded by yarn all day long. I can’t imagine being paid to buy yarn all day long. I would probably go nuts. And, imagine being able to make anything you wanted all the time… whew, I get the shakes just thinking about it.

As far as stash is concerned, my loving fiancee has said that he will run away with our daughter and leave me if I so much as look sideways at an other ball of yarn. I have been taking knitting classes for the last month and a half, once a week and each time I come home with a new project. Thats about 6 new projects in the last 2 months or so… LOL. Add that to the 7 or 8 projects that I have yarn and a pattern all tucked away together for and I have projects to last me well into my elder years.

Sigh… sometimes I am honest with myself and admit that it is almost more fun to just dream up new projects and buy the yarn than it is to make the durn things. Ahhhh… instant gratification, LOL.


My husband and I have had this conversation several times; i love my job as a teacher (dude, I get to sing and play instruments ALL DAY) but if I had the capitol to open up a yarn store I would quit tomorrow. My husband is actually very supportive, and he’s getting on the “i want my own business” action too; we’ve got plans, ideas, suppliers, a site picked out, yadda yadda… Now we just need money :doh: Maybe in a few years!