I think I got casting on... now what?

HI everyone! I am new here and new to knitting. I have always wanted to learn but never knew where to start. A friend pointed me in the direction of this website for the videos. They are SOOO helpful!

Well I think I got casting ON… but then what? Do I go to the knitting section? I am so confused because in the video clip she has several rows done. I can’t seem to get going on the next part. :??

I have 2 sizes of yarn and switched back and forth thinking maybe that was it. But I just can’t seem to get it going right.

Also, what do I do with the tail? I can’t seem to get it to stay and in the clips she has NO tail… where did it go…

OK sorry for so many goofy questions. I have been working on this ALL day and haven’t gotten any farther then casting off :lol:

I think you’re confusing casting on with binding off. In some countries casting on is when you put your yarn onto the needles and casting off is when you finish.

Check out the video on cast on methods to get you started.

Is that the problem? :??

There’s NO such thing as a ‘goofy’ question!! That’s how we learn…asking questions :wink:
Nice to meet you and look forward to getting to know you! Don’t worry, you’ll get it. After you get casting on down, I would suggest that you practice the knit stitch for a while; then when u feel comfortable with that one, start practicing the purl stitch. Remember…FUN is the name of the game :wink:

OH gosh your right… I totally meant casting ON… Sorry :doh:

OK! I think i figured out my FIRST problem… I wasn’t doing the casting on correctly :doh:

That would explain why I couldn’t get the next step to work :roflhard:

have you gotten any further!? :smiley:

LOL no not really. I get all the casting on done, then start to knit that first row and mess it up and have to start all over. :XX:

But I am not giving up darnit! :wink:

OK so I went to Barnes & Noble today and found a book called The Knitters Bible. I didn’t buy it but I flip through it to see if I could figure what the heck I was doing wrong and BINGO!

So hopefully I will get the hang of it now :happydance:

Hang in there, you’ll get it–it’s not brain surgery, after all! I love your avatar–I saw that as a tee shirt and it became my mantra!

I was like that for years… my dad kept showing me and showing me … and it never clicked… then one day… BOOM… and now I’m off and runnign doing knitting in the round (which I love more than any other knitting) and doing other stuffs… when I have time…

Welcome to teh site… hope to see more of ya :slight_smile:

BTW, love your signature…


I really got it now!

I had to try out what I seen in that book and sure enough I got it. I have several rows done now. I was so excited I showed my oldest daughter this morning.

:cheering: :happydance:

:cheering: :cheering:

:cheering: :XX: :thumbsup: