I think I found the way to shorten the needles, but need

some help in getting the right size.
Can someone who knits with 16in circluar needles measure them from tip to tip for me? This way I can cut the cable and re-insert it into the needle. Thank you so much

Welcome Beth!

I wouldn’t recommend attempting to shorten the cable of a circular needle. I’ve seen it done before, by cutting the cable and re-attaching it with duct tape! But it wasn’t pretty! It was functional, because the needles were large like yours, so the stitches were big enough that they were able to slide over the thick tape reasonably well. I guess it’s doable, but as an experienced knitter, I think of that as ruining a great set of needles that you’ll one day want for another project! My own solution would be to…

  1. Buy or borrow a pair of 16" circulars, or
  2. Knit it flat (back and forth) with those needles, and seam it up the back.
  3. Buy or borrow a second set of 8mm circulars (of any length), and do the two-circular needle method, using both needles.
  4. Use whatever I could get my hands on; DPN’s would also work of course.

That cable might not long enough to do a hat with Magic Loop method, as others were suggesting. It probably would be long enough, but I’m not sure. You can do really tiny knitting with a 24", but a hat has a lot more stitches. I’m not that experienced with ML, so I’d be curious to hear if that needle does work if you try it!

Of course, if you’re all pumped up to cut this circular needle, and that’s where you’re at, then go for it! I’ve done similar things, and it’s fun to break the rules. LOL. :slight_smile:

Good luck!

Thank you Amy for replying!
I actually was able to pull the cable out of the needle, cut the it and re-insert the cable into the end of the needle and super glue it. It’s not going anywhere. But… the needles are so large (11) that the stitches are hugh and I don’t think I can do the hat. I will take into consideration the method that you suggested by knitting flat and seaming up the back. I am going to get your cd this Thursday, my dear husband gets paid and I am going order it then. I really do appreciate your taking the time to answer my post. I wish there was a class or someone that I knew who knits here in Jacksonville, but I will just keep knitting and practicing until I get it right!
Have a wonderful day and thanks again for your help!
:smiley: Beth

Beth, are you doing a hat that you felt? Just sounds like it with the size 11’s. And if that’s the case, you do want huge stitches. It shrinks down to size when you felt it.

Just a thought. Maybe it’s not for felting.


No Jouf,
It’s not for felting :cry:
I just wanted to try and knit a basic cap using circular needles and what I’m going to do is order an interchangable circular needle set that I found online for $45. But thanks for replying to this post!