I Think I Bought The Wrong S 'n B

I just bought Stitch 'N Bitch Nation, and I think I wanted just plain ole Stitch 'N Bitch. :crying:
It’s all they had at Beverly’s, and I was so happy to get a copy of it, and I’d never seen it before, and I didn’t notice till just this minute that it said Nation on it.

It is extremely cool though! :happydance:

Do you think I should still keep an eye out for Stitch 'N Bitch, the original? Are there different patterns in the original?


Yes! Get the first one too! I have made 2 GREAT sweaters from the first one, and have yet to tackle a project from the second. The second is good, but I love the original best. :thumbsup:

I just Knew it! :rollseyes:

As soon as I realized it said Nation I knew I had the wrong one. And the young lady at the register was so Sure that it was the one I wanted.

I think she wanted it herself. lol

I will keep an eye out for the original, though. My Knitting Wish List is O so Long. And I thought I’d taken care of part of it today. :wink:

The first one is great! Especially if you are a beginner…lots of tips and instructions. Great patterns too!
I’m doing a KAL for the headline news cap in the SnB Nation book, you should join in! :thumbsup:

Wow, an invitation to join in a Knit A Long! MyMy. Thank you very much!
I did pause at that pattern, but I’ve never cabled (although I bought a cable dillymabob today!)

I’ll check out the pattern and see if my fingers (and Mind) are nimble enough to give it a go.

And Thanks again, what a nice thing to do. :smiley: