I think i am bored

I think i have done about as many hats as i think i can for right now. scarves don’t do much for me right now (though that magic scarf may change things if i ever get the yarn to finish it :wink: ) no purse patterns are jumping out at me. i could try socks but the time i have to sit at home and do something like that (where i don’t have distractions of stoplights turning green and movies that are too dark) is pretty minimal so i don’t think i would ever get finished! sweaters and things hold no interest for me right now. i saw a pattern for a rug that i can’t get out of my head…it is gorgeous but i don’t know about the time it would take to do it and …there appears to be a fair bit of fair isle and/or intarsia involved so i think it would not be one that i could do while i do other things as well too (does that make sense?) Anyway…i think i need a new project that is fairly easy to carry with me in my bag that i can pick up a few stitches here and there when i have time. any ideas?

Ya know, if you picked a really basic sock pattern, it doesn’t take a lot of concentration to work on little bits at a time. I used the 56 stitch 56 row sock pattern from the free section of this site for my first socks and it was so easy! And socks are perfect for sticking in your bag and working a bit here and there.

I have to admit I’ve been a bit bored with my knitting lately too. I’m not inspired enough by ANY of my current projects to see them through, it seems.

What about mittens? They’re pretty straightforward. They’re fast and there is no heel to turn.

yes mittens!!! my first “hard” pattern was mittens… and a felted pair at that, so they hid any mistakes.

Uhhhh, you just have to actually FINISH both (unlike me)…

There’s always the clogs!!! :slight_smile: Easy, practice short rows, felts away mistakes… so fun that you HAVE to make 2…

Hildie, what are clog people supposed to untie? :??

Yeah, no laces on clogs…

lol i think it is a play on letters but most clogs don’t have laces so they can “untie”


the problem with most suggestions is that i have to be able to read the pattern while i go along too, not just one i can memorize and be done with it. i do want to make some mittens though…i might be able to fudge my way through some mittens… :thinking:


it’s because they don’t have laces… like regular shoes… you know, untie those regular shoes and slip into your clogs… never mind…

LOL. and here I thought I was being all hilarious and stuff :verysad:

I’m sorry, Hildie, I decided to tease you a little bit instead of laugh at the joke. :frowning: Don’t feel bad, I thought it was funny.

It is funny, really…

You guys made me snort. thanks.

I want you all to know that Hildie looks EXACTLY like that emoticon when she pouts, too…REALLY! Her mouth turns into a perfect upsidedown half circle! I bet she thought I never noticed that…

shawls…I’m doing 3 during the fall/winter seasons
cowls…combo hat/scarf

Personallly…I really think u should gives socks a go bc they are VERY PORTABLE…I knit socks in the car often…of course, I’m not driving… :wink:

Toys? Cozies for all of your various appliances and/or children? Pillows? Bookmarks?

Howabout a Headband with a pocket in it for your ipod or cell? :eyebrow: I’ve finished the pattern for it, I could email it to you BJ.

I’m on the same page as Rebecca. I’m on my fourth shawl in about a month. The first three were my own designs (can’t show pics yet as I’m not sure whether I’ll submit the designs) and the fourth one is that feather/fan comfort shawl thingie, except I did it in sportweight cotton, left off the fringe and added a ruffle. You can’t imagine how long the ruffle rows are! Something like over 800 stitches. It’s insanity, I know.
But I like ruffles. Don’t much like the fringe.

love that pattern, Amy !

:eyebrow: I prefer the garter pocket myself…
:roflhard: [size=2]I think that would be the only way to actually get my husband to answer the phone :rollseyes:[/size]

lol…not sure i am excited about the idea of making a garter to go around one of these thunder thighs! :wink:

BUT i do need a new pocket for my new cell and the headset to go with it. think i may have to design that though and not sure i have that ability but mebbe!

thanks for the ideas y’all yer the best!!



Thanks Carol! I’ll be publishing it on this site soon. It will be my first for-sale pattern. ($3.95) I want to shoot a video to go with it, for added value, that’s the only hold-up. :smiley: