I still remember how!

It’s been over 2 months since I’ve done any knitting. :roll: But Megan (baby #4) is now two months old, and I finally just decided that I need to make the time to start knitting again. I was a little nervous about picking it back up, since I just started learning how to knit in April. Would I be back to square one? Nope! My fingers remember what to do. :happydance:

I did finish one baby sweater before she was born (except for adding the buttons…still need to do that…), but it won’t fit her for a few more months. Then I started another one, in a smaller size, that I almost managed to finish before she was born. If I don’t pick that one back up pretty soon, it won’t fit her and she’ll be saving it for one of her children! I need to make myself do the seams, then all that’s left is the neck band and the button bands (guess I’ll find out if my fingers also remember how to pick up stitches…). :thinking:

Congratulations! :cheering:


Babies are such fun to knit for :slight_smile:

Mama Bear

Congratulations. Its funny how you dont forget just maybe get a little rusty. Good luck and keep knitting.

:hug: Sharon

I agree that babies are SO fun to knit for. The projects are beautiful, quick, and colorful. And the yarn feels like heaven in your hands. Now you all know why I love to knit for charity.

I knit for these organizations:

A nice list of charity knitting organizations: