I still can't get a picture

under my name. I’ve tried 3 different photo programs to make my picture little, but can’t seem to get it to work. Any help would be so appreciated!
Beth :slight_smile:

Hi Beth. I posted awhile back under I’m Going Crazy with this picture thing… (something like that) and got some very good replies from everyone.

I finally figured out my way however. There is a fantastic new program downloadable free from Google. Do you have that?
It really is a winner. Go to Google, download Picasa. Picasa will store all your pictures, they even sort them by year. When you have a picture in Picasa, you bring it up, select the picture you want and it goes into a ‘picture tray’. You then right click on the picture in the tray, choose View & Edit. At the bottom are little windows, one of which says Export. You then take it down to 480 pixels or smaller, whatever you want, I’ll try 480 right now to see if it goes through.

Then you export it to a folder and when you choose the add an attachment below, you go to that folder and select the picture.

Well, that’s long winded but it works for me so far.

Let me know how it goes. Victoria

Still testing out my ability to send a picture. It definitely works.
Let me know if you can do it.

THANKS AMY for being so generous here and allowing these pix!
Here I am at the Christo thing in the park on Sat. Totally beautiful!

just testing

Beth, another thing to try: save the picture as a GIF rather than a JPG file. GIFs tend to be a bit smaller.

You know… I was reading this and seeing the picture of Central Park with snow and thinking… “WHAT THE &^$%#$? It snowed on Saturday?” and then I realized that this topic is older than Jesus :roflhard:


:roflhard: :roflhard: :roflhard: