I STILL can't find a shawl pattern for my beautiful alpaca! grrrrrrrr

I dunno. I have that book A Gathering of Lace but EVERY shawl is too hard-looking for me. I have a big pile of vogue and interweave that I keep going through, I’ve looked on Ravelry. I have this really thin (laceweight I suppose) alpaca from a local farm here… one big ball and it’s like I’m going nuts to use it. I want something easy but not completely plain. I don’t want that center row of holes going down the back… I want it to be ‘holey’ if you know what I mean, and I don’t like dropped stitches. Picky picky I know.

Has anyone seen the new Morehouse Farm book? There is a ‘foulard shawl’ that is so simple, knit on size 11. But I think it is too simple, it’s all garter with edge increases & decreases. I keep looking through my Big Book of Knitting Stitches, the lace stitches but although I could do one of those, I want a triangle which complicates the issue. (I guess you’ve guessed I’m not an experienced lace knitter)

I look at this yarn every day and my heart hurts. ! geez

Well, being picky is certainly going to slow down the search. Don’t really understand your not wanting the holes down the center back… lace usually has them all over. You could just leave out that part of the pattern I would think.

I looked up easy lace shawl and got a few hits that really don’t look too hard.

If you don’t want the center st with the YOs on either side, you could add a stitch or 2 so it’s wider, or leave it and do a m1 inc on either side, or kfb twice in place of it.

Why not take a look at your yarn store or Target, online, even the library and see if you can get one of the Leisure Arts beginner’s guide to knit stitches. I have an old one with just 26 st. patterns that include 5 or 6 lace type patterns to do. Their newer book has 99 pat. sts. You can get an idea of simple but attractive pats. to work and learn how to use the multiples to make any shape or size pattern, holey or unholey, you want. Also many lace patterns can look very difficult and intricate but really aren’t. Try 'em, you might like 'em.

Agreed, lace is just various combinations of knit, purl, yo and dec stitches. And you do them one at a time, just like other knitting, using markers or lifelines if you want to help you keep track of where you are. It’s really not that complicated.

Another thing to do is to pick a pattern and try it out on large needles with heavier yarn. That way you can get used to the rhythm of lace knitting without having to adjust to the tension of lace yarn and small needles. Though I have used size 8-10 with laceweight and it comes out fine too.

Take a look at the “faux Spanish” pattern I have on ravelry. It’s triangular, very easy, and It’s a “knit until big enough” type pattern, so gague is no problem.


Thanks for the tips and Jan, thank you for those links, I like the yummy one and maybe one other. Mario, I’ll check that shawl out, gotta take a nap at the moment! I am doing my first lace shawl with some other yarn (thicker yarn) and after a shaky start I’ve started to really fly with it, well sort of! It’s in Clara Parke’s book, and a sweet shawl it is…, not too difficult but lots of ‘holes’.
Called Diamonds and Pearls Shawl. I love it but I don’t think it’s right for my laceweight alpaca. Maybe I should do a swatch.

Wow, that pattern/shawl is exactly what I had in mind. Amazing.
Now If I can figure it out (I know it’s supposed to be easy…)

thanks Mario

Just looked at your Ravelry collection and – oh, my, what beautiful things! Spanish Armada just might be the destination for a huge cone of laceweight merino (gently mingled lavender and blue) that I snapped up on my last visit to School Products. Thank you.

Try www.lionbrand.com



Well you really do have a lot of gorgeous lace designs, so you deserve praise for them.