I started stitching sqaures togather!



I’m making a blanket for our son. I have been making sqaures to stitch togather to make the blanket. Well, I had to see what they will look like. So I stitched a few togatehr! I’ll do more tomorrow when I’m wide awake.

I’ll get a picture here for you also.


Can’t wait to see it!


Her are the sqaures I have stitched togather.


[B]Pardon My Feet. LOL I had to stand on a Dining Room chair to take teh picture abd my feet got in the way. :wink:

What do you think?


That looks great!!

[B]Thanks jan!

Believe it or not, that row of black is now seven and hangs over the side of the dining room table when it’s laying flat.

I’ll get another picture of it for you one it’s closer to being done.


That looks fantastic! Oooh, want to make one for bloke now - he likes blankets while playing on the puter… Damn it! And I know what yarn I want to use… grrr… enabler :wink:

Great ‘coming together’ blanket. I am really partial to black and white yarns :slight_smile: and the country colour types ones also.

OMG SUSAN - what yarn is that?!?!?

i have a friend who has been looking all over for black and white yarn like that!

lookin good BTW, you’ll have to post us a finished pic as well :slight_smile: