I spoiled myself today

First of all, Merry (belated) Christmas everyone :slight_smile: Hope everyone had a great holiday.

With some of my Christmas money…I went out shopping today. First I went to Michaels and got YARN. 3 skeins of Homespun’s “Candy Apple”. I don’t know what I’m going to make with it yet…but it’s going to be for ME. And I got some cotton yarn for dishclothes. I also got 4 balls of Moda Dea Eden. It was really cheap…but I’ve never used it before and have no idea what to make. I think it’d make a great scarf though.

Then I went to Target and found a great Messenger Bag for $10!!! It’s the next best thing to the $90 Jordana Paige!. It’s khaki colored and has plenty of room for a couple knitting projects, a book or two, and all my tools and needles. yay!

Now…has anyone used Eden before?

yay!!! :happydance:

Just noticed BOWLING GREEN! I used to live there…long time ago. Where is the Michael’s? If the winter is as bad as I remember…Double the EDEN yarn for a WARM scarf! BGSU reminded me of the Russian Tundra!


Man, I didn’t even think of doubling it! :thinking:

I just moved here to BG about 3 weeks ago after my boyfriend in St. Louis broke up with me. :frowning: I couldn’t stay there, so I came back here where my family lives. Within three weeks I’ve got a job, paychecks, bank account, and I moved in with my little brother. I think that’s pretty good for 3 weeks! I deserved to spoil myself today a little bit :slight_smile:

You spoil yourself as much as you want. You deserve it! And to be honest, who knows better how to spoil you than you? :wink:

I want to check out the Target bag. I looked at the other brand you mentioned on the net…I like the price of yours! Congratulations on your move and all! Spoil yourself! GO GIRL! I spoil myself about every 3 to 4 months with a trip to the Penney’s spa. We have to do what we have to do!! Best wishes for a great new year!