I say Thank you too!

[color=blue][/color] I am new here too and am new to knitting. My first project done several months ago was a scarf with varigated yarn. I like the way it looks but after I blocked it umteen times it still curls at the sides so I have decided that is it’s style! Then I made two little size 2 striped sweaters for my adorable grandchildren now age 15 months (twins/boy and girl). The sweater arms hang over their little hands but they look adorable in them (maybe because they are already adorable!) :thinking: Did I already mention how cute they are?

Now I am working on a more complicated baby shirt with extra casting ons at the neck front and back and for the sleeves. So the back, sleeve and neck opening are all one piece. And your video’s helped as did your words for me to learn how to cast on these extra stitches onto the main body of the work in progress. Wow! I did it. Want this ready for a baby shower on the 7th of Jan.

I am in No. California! Husband is currently with his family in Minnesota for holidays! Fun to see all the states and countries represented here. So happy I found you all! :XX: My name is Lynn.

:thinking: Haven’t I seen you around here before? :wink: Maybe I’ve just heard about your gorgeous grandchildren! :wink:

Welcome to the forum! :XX:

Yes, Ingrid you helped me with the cast ons for this baby shirt I am working on. It’s the videos you led me to that allowed me to keep going on this pattern with its new twists and turns for me.

Then I found this part where people were introducing themselves and it moved me to do the same!

I too am so very appreciative to find this great, clear, easy to understand instruction and real live people help here on this site. I join the others in thanking you for making it happen. :cheering:

We :heart: St. Ingrid!! :cheering:

how do you get those cute pictures by your names to come up?

And if I want to post a photo do I need to export it first to Kodax gallery and then somehow import it from there to here? I am fairly computer savy…but need a little nudge in the right direction. Thanks.

When you click on your profile, there is a place on the bottom to browse pictures to add to your avatar. I used the Kodak editing feature. I got this one elsewhere and loaded it to my picures and made it a thumbnail, I think. I think the biggest problem I’ve had is to resize it to be small enough, but if you’re more computer literate than I am (most five year olds are) you can do it.