I saw lots of purse handles!

I was at Joann Fabrics today and they are getting some NEW stuff in!! :smiley: They now have a wonderful selection of handles for totes or handbags. I mean all kinds and very nice ones and great prices. I was there busy buying other things but I am going to go back this weekend and pick up a few. Just thought I’d tell you all about it.

The number of times I wished I was 3,000 closer - my Mum’s friend has been going nuts trying to find ‘different’ handles, as she calls them. Does this shop have a site?

Could you let me know, please.

Many Thanks

Limey :thumbsup:

Limey, they do have a website you can order from: http://www.joann.com/catalog.jhtml?CATID=82441&start=1

Good to know about the handles as I am searching…

I’ve mentioned this before, so forgive my redundancy. A friend of mine makes handbags to sell (gets BIG bucks for them too!) and she uses costume jewelry for handles. If you like yard sales and flea markets, there are tons of cool things that can be quite inexpensive, but way more interesting!

Hi Jamie Jeans and NJ Knitter

Many thanks for your info, Jamie - and NJ - I’m coming over there!

Best Wishes


When I worked at a thrift store, these two girls would come in once or twice a month to buy all the leftover fabric and all the neckties. They would make purses with neckties as handles to sell in art fairs.