I recycled a sweater!

I’m so excited about this! :smiley:

I had a huge amount of baby stuff ready for Salvation Army pick-up this week, and at the last minute I saw one of my boys’ baby sweaters on top of the box. It’s a really cute, dark gray, ribbed, 100% cotton pull-over from The Gap, size 6 months I’m pretty sure. I thought, what do I have to lose? I was just going to give it away anyhow, why not try unraveling it?

So I went to work. What a project that was!!! :shock: The shoulder seams were really bad for unraveling (ie. machine sewed) so I had to cut off a bunch…what a waste!!

But out of it I got a really good amount of nice fingering weight cotton yarn, about 7st/1" on size 3 needles. A bit of a pain to work with, but it knits up into a really nice soft fabric. :smiley:

Feeling a bit sentimental, I decided that I’m going to use it to make a lacy scarf for myself so I can always have a bit of my boys’ baby-hood with me! Awwwwwww :heart:

Here’s a pic of my first baby wearing the sweater…

What a great idea!!! And such a HANDSOME model!!

Thanks! Can you believe that this is what he looks like now?? :smiley: :heart:

cute kid and kudos on the sweater job! I have yet to do that, but Im soo tempted

That is very inspiring. I want to do that too.

:cheering: :happydance: :cheering: :happydance: :cheering:

Nice to hear of someone else doing something like that. I can’t stand nice yarn to be wasted.

Several years ago I saw some beautiful Scotish sweaters in the thrift store, most had not even been washed. They carried labels from Scotland, and the most expensive was $2.97 for Shetland wool in beautiful colors. I bought some and made a Fair isle for my oldest, and adult at the time. Have loads of it left and the total costs was under $10.

A fellow knitting guild member had gone to an Alice Starmore class and after the class she told Alice about me doing this. AS’s comment was; “She must be a Scot!” lol

Your son is such a cutie! :slight_smile: Great idea about the sweater too. Now, what ya gonna make? :XX:

Seeing as I was all inspired yesterday, we went to Value Village this morning and I picked up a girl’s size large, navy wool sweater with NICE seams (I think the brand is LL Bean) and a BEAUTIFUL ladies size large, although it doesn’t look all that large, sweater with no tags but from the look and feel I think it’s angora :happydance: in a nice soft pink color. I’m all about pink lately so we’ll see what I can come up with.

SCORE!!! :cheering:

(and to think I was actually going there to look for a costume for my Halloween-resistent 3 year old…of course I came away with nothing in that category :wink: )

Jackpot!! :thumbsup:

Well THAT sucked! I started to take apart the angora sweater and I kept screwing up. It was SO hard to see where the seaming thread was that I cut wrong in a few places, not to mention that the yarn itself seems to break pretty easily. I put it away…for now.

So I went to work on the navy wool sweater only to discover that the yarn is badly felted in the underarm areas so that will be a lot of wasted yarn. I gave up on that too.

I need a lot more patience and perseverence for this than I have today!

I learned the hard way about some of the sweaters that will not ravel out!! I learned to leave Janzen sweaters alone unless you have someone to help you. They are knit with two threads at the same time that are half a sweater apart. As if there is a double machine with one machine knitting on one side and another on the other. Not fun, but nice wool.

I also learned to look closely at the seams after buying one of beautiful wool and finding they had put it together with a surger. This meant that each row was cut at the side seam.

Then I found I didn’t have the patience to take apart a fair isle knit sweater. LOL

Have you decided what you adorable little guy will wear for Halloween?

Knitty Gritty did a show on what to look for in sweaters I think… or I saw it somewhere LOL I wanna try it just never have yet… Thats a sweet idea and what a cute boy ya have… or umm handsome should say handsome as my 5yr old would say :rollseyes:

Well, I went at the navy sweater again tonight and managed to unravel the sleeves. Even though there were portions that were felted, for whatever reason (actually I’m in denial because the felted parts are in the underarm area, so are probably from hot sweat and friction :shock: ), it didn’t result in much yarn loss.

I have no clue how much it is so far, as far as yardage or weight, but I’ll figure that out later. It seems to be a fingering weight yarn.

OH, one question. The sweater seems to have been knit at a very tight gauge and the yarn is VERY kinky now that it’s unraveled. Is there anything I can do about that, or does it not matter, I can just go ahead and knit with it??? I’m thinking if I want to knit something lacy, the kinks will show? Can you handwash a skein of yarn?

Silver did a post somewhere about washing skeins of yarn. I think if you wrap it in a hank–kind of a reverse ball-winding and tie it along the length as you would a roast beef you can wash it without tangling it. I wouldn’t bother for a sweater, but I think the kinks would show on lace.

I made my way through the navy sweater. There was quite a bit of waste due to the felted sections :frowning: , BUT when all is said and done I ended up with…

drumroll please

974yds of 100% wool yarn :shock: :happydance:

All I paid was $3.99 at Value Village!!! :cheering: :cheering: :cheering:

I am so unbelievably excited about this, even if the other sweater I bought is a total disaster, I cannot tell you how THRILLED I am. AND I’m being thrifty which makes my dh very happy!!! :smiley:

I did end up washing the yarn, following the directions that Julie gave in my other post (thanks, Julie! :smiley: ) and it is hanging to dry right now. It is still a bit wavy but not NEARLY as kinked as it was.

OH, and I also discovered another wonderful thing, thanks to Amy’s videos! The felted join. :happydance: I tell you, it is SO easy and SO great, I don’t know if I’ll ever join new yarn in any other way again, as long as I’m using something that will felt. The join is so tight and so seamless, if you haven’t tried it yet you really should. There’s a video under the “more” section in “basic techniques”.

Okay, that’s it for now! I wish I had a digital camera, you should see all the skeins of yarn hanging around my house! HAHA :roflhard:

Holy Moley! That’s great! :thumbsup:

:shock: That’s AWESOME! You could make a pair of clogs with that!! :lol: