I really need help (knitting a teddy bear kit)

Ok, this is my last resort. I’m hoping someone on here will be able to answer my question. I have never knit before until two days ago when I bought a learn-to-knit kit. It has instructions on how to knit a teddy bear and is supposed to be for ages 9 and up. However, the instructions are not clear at all, so I bought another knitting book and that helped me a great deal. However, as I was about to finish the teddy’s body, the directions became more and more unclear to me, and I could not figure out what to do with it. There were 16 stitches that were cast on, and it told me to knit 44 rows. After knitting 44 rows, it told me to: “Bind off the first stich of the next 6 rows to shape the top of the head. There should be 10 stitches left on the needle. Bind off the last 10 stitches.”

I’m really confused and I wound up binding off all 16 stitches together and I know it isn’t right. Could someone please help me? I would really apprectiate it.

This is what you do

On the next row, bind off one stitch and then knit to the end.

Do this six times and you will have ten stitches left on your needle.

If you’ve already bound them off, undo the bindoff, put the loops back on your needle and forge ahead!

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: