I really like this Monkey sock pattern

It’s amazing how quickly these can work up, and I like the way the pattern affects the yarn. This is sock #2.
I decided to use 2 16" circulars which I find easier. Also helpful for me is to place a jump-ring on the cuff to be a visual of which half of the round I’m on. Has anyone else knitted this? (I saw yours redheadrachel :heart: )


i’m actually about to start a pair soon with this that i just got in the mail yesterday. i think it’s going to be gorgeous! i’m looking forward to inducting myself into the evergrowing group of cookie a. knitters/addicts. :happydance:

Ohh! I like that yarn! Please post a picture of the finished item–no matter what pattern you use.

I just :heart: faved this pattern in ravelry! I can’t wait to start it!:heart:
Your sock looks great!

My aunt is making those right now! She’s loving them too. I just started making socks, but these are my goal. They look great!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: Monkey. I’m making pairs 2 and 3 right now. the pattern is easily memorizable, the socks knit up really fast, and the stitches really do cool things to variegated yarn - but look good in a solid as well! :cheering: yay for Cookie A.! :heart: :cheering:

I love it too! I’m almost done with mine. Here is a pic ~

I am going to be starting some Monkeys soon too. I just got the perfect yarn to do the project – Zen String Bambewe in Penelope. :yay: