I realize I am new here, but

My Aunt Diane (https://www.facebook.com/dcamdengrammond?fref=ts), who bought me my first pair of knitting needles 4 years ago, has brain and colon cancer, she is going through radiation now, and chemo will begin soon. I am her namesake, my full name is Paula Diane Randolph, and she is my favorite aunt. I am trying to make her a hat so that her head won’t get cold, but I also want to knit her a sweater, but am not good enough, nor fast enough for that. I was wondering if I could get help from all of you? I would not ask, but I am so very concerned, and do love her so very much.

Paula, I’ve very sorry to hear about your aunt and hope that her treatment goes well. The idea of a hat is a good one and so is the sweater. What about a shrug or a shawl that’s easy to make? Here’sone pattern for a shrug and a search on Ravelry (free to join) may bring up others. If you have yarn already you could try an advanced search specifying the yarn weight and needle size. Hope all goes well.

Hi Paula, I too am very sorry to hear of your Aunt…yes, that “disease” strikes alot of people and can be a fight…What kind of “help” are you looking for? Would you like someone to “knit” for you? I would be more than happy to knit a hat, as I am pretty quick with those…Maybe all of us can do a KAL and get a sweater done for her too…or even a Prayer Shawl…Please let us know what you need…:grphug:

There’s a marvelous site called Head Huggers that has a HUGE selection of patterns for hats and is focused specifically on chemo patients. The patterns range from the incredibly simple to the … not so simple. Whatever your skill level is, I’m sure you can find something there that matches it.

If you’re shaky on the sweater idea, a shawl is another excellent suggestion. There are 3 very elegant but simple (and free!) patterns here. (As an aside, at least one of the patterns they show is one that has been around since the Stone Age, so you can probably find it in several places. It’s so simple even I could do it.)

Ravelry is another excellent resource, as is Knitty.com and a lot of the patterns there are free too.

I hope your aunt’s treatment goes well. And I’m sure that whatever you make, it will be a big help. Love’s like that.

I don’t know what a KAL is, but that was kind of what I was thinking, since I don’t have enough yarn or talent for something like a sweater, yet.

I have noticed a lot of the patterns I have looked into use needles that I just don’t own, and that is also a hurdle.

KAL is a Knit A Long where people all work on the same pattern. Sometimes they have definite start and end dates, but usually not and people can join in anytime. The purpose is to help each other if there’s rough spots.

My original thought on a KAL was someone work on sleeves, someone on back, sides etc…then the last person would put it all together…like the Pet Snuggles project…same for a prayer shawl…It was just a “thought”, but I can commit to a hat

I am sure we can get some needles to you…just decide pattern and yarn…

Holding a kal on a sweater?? What if everyone’s gauge ends up a tad different? The resulting pieces aren’t going to fit well together. Instead, why not have a kal on squares? Say…8 inch squares, or 12 inch squares…then they are all shipped to one person for joining, and voila, your aunt has a lapghan made by many.


Well, the thing with each person working on a different piece, is gauge differences. The gauge would have to be exactly dead on for them to fit together.

I think a shawl or wrap would be a better idea than a sweater; with chemo the arms need to be free, sleeves would be bulky and get in the way.

Yes, the sweater KAL was not really thought out well, once again, it was a thought, however, the squares is a fantastic idea! Thanks

much less that you couldn’t do it on a sweater, I apologize.

Well we were using the term KAL to mean 2 different things. Usually it means everyone working on the same pattern at the same time for their own use. But cheley was thinking of everyone working on the same [I]project[/I] for you. That can work when you’re doing squares for a blanket or wrap and each square must be the same size; I think they may do that in some of the Charity Forum KALs. But a sweater needs to be fitted to a specific size and people would all have to have the same gauge so the piece would fit together. I’ve read about a knitter who worked on something with her sister - she used a needle 2 sizes smaller than given in the pattern and her sister used one 2 sizes larger and they both got the same gauge. So it can be tricky. I think a wrap, shawl or small throw may be a better idea for your aunt, it would be easier to make, doesn’t have to fit a specific size and probably be a lot more versatile, especially for her to take to chemo treatments.

Wendy and I can’t collaborate on most projects for the same reason. If you consider the size on the ball band as zero, then she’ll be at -2 and I’ll be [I]at least[/I] +1 and if the yarn is very, very forgiving we [I]might[/I] get the same gauge from it. And that’s two people sitting right next to each other comparing notes. Now [I]she[/I] can match [I]my[/I] gauge, because she’s just that good. But try to go the other way and it’s a train wreck. Increase the number of knitters and make the sofa the size of… Earth, and it gets exponentially harder to maintain gauge with every person you add.

But that’s not to say that a collaborative effort can’t work at all, just that the project would need to be something not gauge-critical.

lap blanket work? I know when I crocheted one that another woman had started for her daughter, and then she passed away, so someone had to finish it, she used granny squares, and I couldn’t match her gauge, so I made dc squares and rectangles to fill in the blanks and make the rest of it, it took me about six days, it was a king size blanket, and about half of it was done.

Sure, a lap blanket would be nice to wrap up in. Of if you made something about 24" x 50, could be put over the shoulders as well as for the lap/body.

I don’t see why not. There’s a thread in one of the other forums where folks are passing around pet blankets and each person adds … 5 or 10 rows to it (I think) and sends it on to the next person. I think the thread is titled something like “Oddball Pet Snuggles”? That sounds right. Anyway, those would probably be a little smaller, but it’s the same idea.

Your blanket story reminds me of a job my girlfriend got about a year ago. Somebody’s mother or maybe grandmother started a sweater/hat set for her when she was a kid, then passed away before she finished it. The project languished in a duffle bag for a number of years until the “kid” found it and decided she’d like to have the set finished to give to [I]her[/I] daughter. Fortunately, the original grandmother had left the yarn and the original pattern in the duffle too. Wendy could’ve reverse engineered the pattern (she’s just that good), but finding yarn to match would’ve been almost impossible. Anyway, the now-mom got to give the now-daughter the sweater that grandma or great grandma was making (which was in a terrible tangle of stitch holders and so forth, which is probably why it didn’t get finished in the first place).

oh that is beautiful! I love that story!