I ran out of yarn....what now?

:yay: i bought some beautiful yarn from a craftstore about a week ago and made a scarf with it, it’s wonderful, i love it, but, i made the scarf a bit too wide and it’s not long enough yet and i’ve ran out of yarn…i’m going to the store to buy some more today but, i need help…could it just be as simple as tying a small knot with the end of the old yarn and the new yarn? LOL i just realized that may be the simplest way as i was typing this. THANKS!!!

You can just start knitting with it and a leave a tail which you can weeve in later to secure it. Tying a small knot and then just knitting away is perfectly fine as it can help to anchor the yarn as you start knitting, you can untie the knot later and weeve the ends in to keep it smooth. If it is wool you might want to try a felted join which eliminates the bump caused by a knot or haing to weeve in ends.

I’ve lately been using a technique called “the Russian Join”. I’ve forgotten the site where I learned it, but if you do a Google search for it, you’ll most likely find a video by “The Boy Who Knits”. This is absolutely the best joining ever… no knots, no weaving in ends, and invisible!

LOL! I do this often… pick up a super nice yarn or thread…pick a project and start knitting furiously…only to find that there’s not enough to complete. I hate it, but welcome to the world of waiting for another skein to finish a WIP!

Yes, I always tie knots, I find it too bulky to knit both together and I know the knots won’t come out. But make sure you put it in a place where it won’t show so much.

Is there ANY way to KNOW you have enough? lol I have a problem. I knit tight. real tight. It doesn’t bother me but I usually have to go up a needle size or two to get my gague and then I cut so close on the yarn that I find my self stopping on one piece, unraveling my ball, and starting the second piece from the other end and then making the two even. This is exactly what I did with some mitts that I made a while back and exactly what I’m doing with the dog sweater i’m makeing now! I obviously have a problem and it can’t be fixed by buying more because all I have comes from my moms stash and it is OLD and most can’t be found anywhere anymore! lol, Someone, SAVE ME!

The last itme I made a scarf and didn’t know if I had enough yarn I knit it “longways”. I got it the length I wanted and only the width was affected when I ran out.