I Quit!

I quit! Actually, I have carpal tunnel- it is so bad right now, I am going for conduction studies soon and a cortisone injection- I don’t want to have surgery just yet- but to preserve my hand function, I have to quit knitting for a while. I am very sad about this, and I know my husband is too- when I quit knitting before, I made him miserable because I was miserable- knitting calms me so much- but for now, functionality is important

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Oh I’m so sorry to read this.
Nownhorrible for you! I hope your pain reduces and the injections help.
Take care.


I’m so sorry that you have carpal tunnel and I hope the cortisone helps. It’s hard to give up something you enjoy doing but getting away from the strain on your wrists should help. Fingers crossed that all goes well and you can get back to knitting soon.
Would book recommendations help?

I hear you; knitting is what keeps me sane. Hang in there and hopefully reading posts from this forum will be some diversion for you - I visit every day before or after work!


I’m sorry to hear that - hopefully the injection etc will help and you’ll be back to knitting before you know it!

Sorry for you injury and pain. :palms_up_together: :pray: I over did it before too. I couldn’t hold a fork in either hand for a day. :woozy_face: I lost a pound (.45 kg) over night and I think it was brain weight. :brain: I went back to working the same house fix up the next day. :confounded:

I took two water pitchers.
I half filled each; one with hot water and the other with ice cold water.

I then then soaked my numb hands up to my elbows at the same time, one in each pitcher. I then alternated the hot hand into cold water and vice versa on the next soak. I kept it up until both pitchers were back close to room temp.

That helped me for two days, but I kept building a deck on the back of the house at the time.

I hope you feel better soon.

Have you tried knitting the Norwegian way with your thumb of left hand touching back of left side knitting? It keeps your wrist straight without tension. Since I started a la Arnie and Carlos podcasts my arthritis no longer prevents me from knitting hours on end. Check it out. It’s not the same as continental n.b. I also purl Portuguese style. Goes faster. Also hot wax bath works when my arthritis really flares up. Hang in there and feel better. Deb

I’m so sorry to hear this! I had carpal tunnel surgeries in 2007. I got 100% relief from them. I was crocheting within a week of surgery. The nurse chastised me for that but the doctor said it was excellent exercise.

Last October, I had to take a break due to arthritis. I’m drinking two cups of bone broth daily and following an anti-inflammatory diet which are helping a lot. I don’t know if those would help with CTS, but it wouldn’t hurt to research. It was so hard to put down my needles, but we have to do what we have to do!

I’ve had many steroid shots over the past 18 months, but they’ve been in my behind.

Praying you get relief soon!


I’ve heard the Carpal Tunnel surgery totally rocks! My DDS had it and was back to work in short order. Don’t be afraid of it! Do it!!

Beth, have you tried Voltaren gel? It is an anti-inflammatory gel you put on your hands and it really helps me. I can’t take them orally - they trash my stomach - but these keep me going. I coat it on really heavy then sit and wait around half an hour for it all to soak in, then wash it off and go back to knitting.

Yes, I used it quite a bit last October - December. The directions say to only use it for 21 days, but my pain nurse practitioner said I can use it indefinitely. My daughter’s dog stepped on my foot in June and caused an arthritis flare-up. Long story, but my podiatrist had me wear a wrap for a month, use Biofreeze and Voltaren three times a day as well as taking ibuprofen and acetaminophen orally (so thankful I can stomach those!). My metatarsals no longer hurt but I still have pain in my big toe sometimes, especially if walk around stores much. I did quite a few errands yesterday and am not hurting! I really think drinking bone broth has made a huge difference. I would have thought that was bogus if someone hadn’t told me how much it helped her. I also have given up gluten, dairy, and processed sugar. I had a croissant a couple weeks ago and retained a lot of water immediately, so that tells me I’m on the right track with giving up gluten. These remedies are really expensive though! They’re cutting into my yarn budget :joy:!


I don’t know what type of projects you like but if you use straight needles you may want to try knitting with your right needle under your arm. This method reduces the pressure of holding the right needle in your hand. It also keeps your wrists straight. I think it’s called cottage knitting. I learned to knit this way. If you sit in a chair with arms you can rest your left needle on the left arm of the chair. Then your hands are free to just form the stitch. Just a thought.


This makes me very sad and remember when I had to give up knitting because of bilateral carpal tunnel. I tried everything from steroid injections to osteopathic manipulations. They all worked for a bit but when I woke up every single night at about 3am with screaming pain in both hands I bit the bullet and found a good hand surgeon. So easy, so quick. And best of all I’m back to knitting. I hope you find the way that works for you but giving up a craft is just too sad. Take care.


Believe it or not there is relief from upper shoulder massage.
Hope you find your path back to knitting soon.
Bless you!

Acupuncture, acupuncture, acupuncture! Less inflammatory foods like dairy, alcohol, fatty, fried food and don’t live on cold, raw food and drink. Some is OK. Keep your hands warm, use knitting gloves. Take breaks. Stretch out palms and forearms a lot. Mahanarayan oil from Banyon Botanicals can be very helpful. Stay away from pharmaceuticals if you can. Last thing is surgery but it can work very well. One of the most successful of all surgeries performed. Pretty consistently get happy patients.

Melanie, I hope you get your carpal tunnel sorted satisfactorily and that your notice to quit is only temporary.

I quit knitting for several years due to a wrist problem - was so glad to get back to it.


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Thanks for all your comments and recommendations! I had to (temporarily) cancel my cortisone injection because it was scheduled for a day I am in school. Hopefully I can reschedule and get in soon. I have knit about 14 stitches in two weeks. I am going crazy! But on the flip side, I love to watch foreign shows (and I can’t watch while I knit) so I am enjoying watching a show on Netflix that is Turkish, called Black Money Love.


Subtitles and knitting just don’t mix.
That’s a fantastically positive way to spend your non-knitting time.
Hope you get a new date for your injection soon and get some pain relief.