I QUIT! Who wants to buy my stash?

April Fools :happydance:

:rofling: :cheering:

I was already re-working our budget in my head. :doh:

:evil: I am not amused!!! :evil:

I can’t believe I fell for that :doh: :oops:

:rofl: :rofling: :rofling: :rofling: :rofl:

:fingerwag: SHAME on you, taking advantage of kind-hearted people who were just about to pour out support and motivational cliches!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

That was Great!!! :mrgreen:

damn!!! i was like I DO I DO I DO!!! :mad: You should owe us all a consolation prize or something!! :smiley:


I can’t believe you guys fell for that… :rofling: I’ve been waiting for somebody to do that all day.

:doh: :doh: :doh: :doh: :doh:

Shame, shame, shame!!! I got so excited :drool:


OOH! :shock: Be careful, Anne! Copyright law, you know!
:rofling: You’e THE ANNALD! :rofling:

copy right on " YOUR FIRED" :rofling: