I neen an easy poncho pattern


Does anyone here have an EASY Pocncho Pattern I could use? And remember, I’m a beginner.



The book Knit Stitch (http://www.amazon.com/Knitting-Experience-Book-Knit-Stitch/dp/1893762130/ref=pd_bbs_sr_1/102-9353318-1006561?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1186153108&sr=8-1) has a pattern where you do 2 garter stitch rectangles (knit every row) and sew them together. Adding fringe is optional. Super easy. I did one in Lambs Pride bulky weight wool.

On the right side under “three easy knit ponchos”. Can’t get any easier than #1. :happydance:

Susan: This pattern was published in knitting pattern central and I think is the referenced pattern in the knit stitch book. I looks really simple and looks nice too!


[B]Thanks to all of yu! I’ll have to give the NUMBER 1 patern a try when I get done with this blanket.



[B]Here it is! Well, it’d a WIP… BUt here is the fron t of it:

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What do you think??? The letters are not sewn yet, I just crocheted them.


:cheering: oh, that is really cute!! I love the color and the crocheted initials! She’s going to love it!!

[B]Thanks Hilary,

I sure hope she likes it. :=)


I did a version of #2 for my first poncho (which, in case you care, I finished last night). I did a homespun yarn with size 15 needles.

Good luck in whatever pattern you choose.

[B]I used the number 1 pattern for this. number 11 needles.


Hi :wink:

This was my first one, and it was so fancy-shmancy for a beginner I felt like a real pro and I still love to wear it!

The color in the pic below (from pattern) doesn’t do it justice. Split Collar Poncho