I need suggestions of knitted items for a sick friend

Today, I learned that a friend’s daughter is undergoing chemotherapy related to her diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. She’s been attending a university in Oregon and was slated to study in South America this fall, but is home with her mom in Los Angeles until she returns to school next spring after battling this illness.

Both my friend and her daughter are truly beautiful women, inside and out. I’d like to make a few fabulous headcoverings for the daughter, as well as something special for her mom.

Any recommendations?

Hallowig in Glitterspun instantly came to mind as something fun for her. Until this week, she had long, thick, luxurious golden brown hair. :pout:

there are a number of sites with patterns for knitted caps and prayer shawls. You might check on the charities boards here.

Yeah, I’m familiar with the traditional items. I’m interested in unconventional or unexpected. Thanks!

Socks may be an idea. I have a friend who has stage IV colon cancer. (she’s 39) I’ve heard that people get cold during chemo, so the socks may be kinda fun.

Also, my girlfriennd is having a bad reaction to the chemo and her hands are “burned.” She’s very self conscious about how they look. Perhaps some fingerless gloves?

I made my girlfriend a prayer “blanket” of sorts. She has two little girls, so I made the blanket big enough for her to be able to cuddle with her babes.

Just some ideas.

I was thinking of a long, flowing scarf, in something beautiful - something handpainted - soft, and maybe a little lacey. I can’t think of any patterns specifically, but knitpatterncentral probably has some. You could make mom and daughter matching ones. Daughter could use it as a cool head covering, and mom could do whatever she feels is supportive. But I really think it’s all about the yarn you choose - as long as it is soft, silky, flowing, and you can just knit in the hope and love!

Good luck!! And :hug::hug: to you too!

ready2knit: Thank you! I’ve heard that chemo causes chills, and socks crossed my mind on the drive home tonight. As I’ve never made socks and I’m a slow knitter, that may not happen. :frowning: Fingerless gloves, I can do! Just finished a pair. Easy and quick - they’re on the list. :wink:

threesmom: I LOVE that idea! Matching headwraps. They’re both olive complected, so I’m thinking bold and rich colors. I can actually see the two of them wearing something like that. Thank you!

Zip, I’m [U]so[/U] [U]sorry[/U] to hear about your friend’s daughter. :hug: I hope that she will be feeling better very soon.

This web site has some nice hats as well as recommendations for what types of yarn are best tolerated for those undergoing chemo. As far as headcoverings go, you might get ideas about things to knit by looking at religious sites that sell headcoverings (for Orthodox Jewish women, conservative Christian women, etc.). There are some beautiful headcoverings on these sites that offer a fuller coverage that a hat may not.

This place has some very beautiful scaves, and this page on their site has many of beautiful ways tie them to offer a stylish variety. You might be able to knit her a either a square or rectangular scarf with some fabulous yarn and add some interesting trim like some of the scarves on this site have. I realize the items this site sells are already made and not knitted; I only listed this site because it is a good place to look for inspiration.

Sorry I can’t give ideas on specific things…a prayer shawl was my first thought, but I’m not creative enough to think of something that is more unconventional. :oops:

EDIT: You know what? I just thought of something. Maybe you can think about knitting her a snood? It would give the illusion of longer hair because it hangs down a bit, and you can dress it up with beads, etc. if you wanted. Also, it wouldn’t hug on the head too tightly (just the band around the head circumference would touch). Although most of the snoods I’ve seen are meshy, you can certainly knit one in solid fabric without holes. Here is a link to a sewn one that has a pattern; if you are able to knit one using the pattern as a guide, it might be helpful (I for one don’t know how to create or modify patterns, but I’ll bet somebody here can do it!).

Hope some of that helps! :heart:

Zip… there have been some lovely ideas posted here and her goes mine~
I have a coworker who is receiving her chemo now. I went to see her in the hospital and made her a little care package. ( with the help of some lovely KHers who told me of their personal experience with cancer)
I CROCHETED 2 soft (bernat cotton tots… my current:heart::heart:) washcloths. I used cotton tots b/c its soft, it’s cotton ( not too hot) and machine washable. FYI: chemo makes your skin super irritable, itchy, scratchy and those hospital wash cloths are like sand paper to someone with irritated skin. SO I brought her a little bag with my washcloths, soap, CHAPSTICK and lotion. She was VERY apprecitative… for whatver reason she forgot to pack a good overnight bag ( although this was her 3 round of chemo) and those little bitty hospital soap/lotion are :ick::ick::ick: and not big enough. as soon as I gave her the lotion and chap stick she grabbed it as fast as she could.
so MY suggestion is make her a pamper me package: 2 washcloths ( at least so she can alternate). a hand knit face towel( again the hospital linens are like sandpaper~!:ick:). Lotion, soap, and candy ( she ate that ASAP too:rofl::rofl::rofl:) and maybe something she could put around her neck and that could be used as a hot/cold pack (like she could change it out when she needed to ) and always a stroller/wheelchair blanket b/c she will be HAPPY to get out of the room when she can. Or perhaps a lovely handknit pillow in a supersoft washable yarn…
Hope this helps some~
having good thoughts for your pal

I recommend (sadly form experience) something to keep your hand warm. You get VERY cold. Maybe some funky arm warmers, or a muff. If you knit socks get some funky coloured yarn in a thick weight and knit away.

Be careful mind, your body changes so much with the treatment, and your skin can get terrible sensitive. Make sure it’s something nice and soft.

Y’all are brilliant! Thank you so much! :hug:

Right now, I’m knitting a bucket hat for her with Rowan Calmer yarn in a rosy color. That yarn is sooooo soft. :heart:

I love the idea of matching scarves for her and her mom! Gloves and arm warmers and washcloths and a snood and a care package… Excellent ideas, each of them. When I finish the hat, I’ll share a photo and let you know what else I round up for her.

any lotions or soaps in her care package might need to be for sensitive skin, and unscented. maybe her mom could let you know if fragrances are a problem?

i make lip balm and would love to send you a couple to tuck in your care package, if you would like. just pm me.

A friend of mine has been undergoing chemo for the past year. She has really liked hats (hats in a washable material are best). I made her a few which really came down to her ears. She’s also appreciated a shawl another friend made for her - those chemicals can make you either hot or cold. Her hands had a lot of problems, too - the chemicals basically burned them, so really nice hand lotions were appreciated.

Chemo takes a lot of TIME (you can be sitting there for 8 hours at a time) and energy, so even giving coupons or something to say that you’ll do her grocery shopping or come by and clean her house (or a gift certificate for Merry Maids or something) would be helpful, too. Or make some easy-to-reheat meals (or desserts) that she can put in her freezer.

Thank you both! katz, I’ll send you a PM. You [I]are[/I] the cat’s meow!

So sorry to hear about your friend’s daughter :muah: Wish them the best!

Have you seen this?

I think it’s adorable. Depending on her personality, she might like one. The pattern is here. I haven’t made it, but it might make a good gift :slight_smile:

Oh! Here’s another thought - a nice gift would be to teach her to knit. Maybe she would feel like it while she is getting chemo? I’m not sure that’s an option, but I thought I would suggest it :think:

I know you said you don’t know how to knit socks, but what about these side cable slippers?


(Scroll down - third row, on the left).

They are super warm as they’re knit holding 3 strands. I’ve seen them in another yarn and they are gorgeous. Plus they are simple to make. The pattern is free - you just need to sign up.

Your friend, and her daughter, are blessed to have a friend as generous as you!

I really like that one, thanks! I’m wondering if the Fizz is soft enough for a tender scalp. The eyelash yarn that I’ve touched isn’t so much so. : ponder:

Today, we’re going to Del Mar and I’ll spend most of our time there by the railing testing my photographic skills on the horses. But I’ll have my knitting with me for the down time and for the ride there and back. Tomorrow, we’re going to the local Stitch 'n Pitch and I’ll just knit - no photo-taking. Hopefully, I’ll have the bucket hat finished by tomorrow night and can share photos.

Those are great, thanks! It isn’t that I don’t know how to knit socks, because I can knit anything. You know? :wink: It’s simply that I never have done so and gifting my first pair is probably a bad idea.